The surprising health and beauty benefits of honey

The surprising health and beauty benefits of honey
How to get gorgeous skin, lose weight and stay well naturally

Whether you take it in your tea, with a slice of lemon or pour it over porridge, honey is a nostalgic store cupboard staple that’s successfully stood the test of time. No easy feat, in an age of faddy superfoods. For many, it’s the first sweet treat that we’re introduced to as a toddler and the go-to remedy for a tickly cough. For others, it’s a spoonful of liquid gold that can lead to a seemingly flatter tummy overnight. Loaded with nutrients, antioxidants and antibacterial properties, experts are in no doubt, that the powerful enzymes in raw honey can slow ageing, fight bacteria and boost our immune systems. Join us as we explore the science-backed medicinal benefits behind the old wives tale.

Honey can help you lose weight

Ok, bear with us, because we almost didn’t believe it at first either. But according to new research you can lose 3lbs a week simply by eating a spoonful of honey before bed every night.

In his book, The Honey Diet, nutritionist Mike McInnes reveals that the sticky stuff has surprising metabolic powers that trigger changes to our metabolic rate helping our bodies’ burn more fat than usual while we sleep.

He recommends a manageable and near perfect craving cure for even the strongest sweet tooth. Simply replace refined sugar with honey throughout the day and drink a generous spoonful of honey with hot water before bed. This is because our body burns fat faster during the first few hours of sleep than at any other time, including during exercise.

Want to give it a try? Mike suggests a few other tweaks such as avoiding refined carbs, If you truly want to drop a dress size in three weeks, which you can read here.