Spring clean your skin ready for the summer

Spring clean your skin ready for the summer

Our skin is an important reflection of our overall health and if we are feeling tired, run down or have lapsed in our healthy eating habits it will quickly show in our complexions. However, with a little care and attention you can quickly get your skin back to its best, though it does require a bit of attention to what you eat and the products you use.

The morning smoothie

pink smoothie in cupped hands

Starting the day with a healthy and balanced smoothie will not only set you up to be more productive, but may also be the best way to flush toxins from your skin. Smoothies and Juicing are a great ways to get all the vitamins and minerals into your diet while also being both tasty and filling. For those looking for a real health kick, try Neurotic Mommy’s Super Green Cleansing Smoothie. It is packed full of organic greens like chard, bok choy and rocket while also being sweetened by fruit. For anyone concerned about staying full, chia seeds offer a bit of fibre.

Antioxidant-rich, a smoothie that favours berries is the holy grail of anti-ageing beauty food and Baked in Arizona has the perfect recipe for those looking to detox. It also contains honey to sweeten and ginger which is a great anti-inflammatory.

Jen from Simple Green Smoothies suggests lemons are cleansing superstars and her lemon cleansing smoothie is fruity, green and good for you. None of the smoothies include dairy, all opting instead for almond & coconut milk or water. This is because dairy can be a killer to your complexion, even if you are not lactose intolerant.

The magic ingredients

Cubed beetroots in a bowl

There are a few tried and true magic foods that can you feel better from the inside and out. We’re not just talking traditional superfoods but their lesser known glow inducing comrades such as Beetroot and Garlic. Beetroot is renowned for how it helps the liver, Gaia are quick to label it one of the best foods for detoxes:

“One of our favourite natural detox foods, beets contain a group of antioxidants called betalains, which are excellent for detoxifying your body, and more specifically your liver. Beets also contain a high concentrate of betaine, which help to reduce liver inflammation.”

“On top of this, beets are also high in immune-boosting vitamin C, vitamin B folate, fiber, potassium and manganese. Just a few benefits you might see are reduced blood pressure, reduced inflammation, enhanced stamina, and increased liver function.”

Garlic might leave some feeling self-conscious but it is central to the healthiest diet in the world; the Mediterranean diet. It is so easy to include in many healthy meals, especially those inspired by French or Italian recipes. The Holistic Ingredient also praises garlic for its liver healing properties:

“Garlic contains sulfur-containing compounds that activate the liver enzymes responsible for flushing out toxins from the body. Garlic also contains allicin and selenium, two powerful nutrients proven to help protect the liver from toxic damage, and aid it in the detoxification process.”

Treat yourself

Woman rubbing lotion into legs

This encompasses everything from enjoying one of our rejuvenating spa treatments that are specially crafted to deeply moisturise; to exfoliating two to three times a week at home as part of our normal skin maintenance. Today’s busy lives are a balancing act of working, exercising and enjoying ourselves, so that means you may not moisturise quite as often as you should or skip the occasional facial cleanse. Taking time to concentrate on yourself and what your skin really needs is the secret to success.

Change up your makeup bag

Pastel make up bag

Everyone is guilty of a cracked powder or a favourite lipstick that has seen better days, however keeping your make up bag clean is important to keeping your skin radiant and clear. Throwing out make up that’s well past its use-by date will help to keep your skin smooth and unclogged, the same goes for cleaning make-up brushes regularly.

Changing up your beauty routine to fit with the seasons and also with your skin’s current state is important to keeping soft and dewy. Louise Dartford wrote an article on Detox Health Beauty all about letting your skin breathe and adjusting to its needs:

“Sometimes when our skin isn’t going quite to plan, the temptation of heavier foundations can lead us into more trouble. It is true that in winter, skin can benefit from richer skincare formulations, however heavier make-up products can make skin concerns look worse, they can also exacerbate issues. Spring means a fresh start, so first thing’s first. Ditch any full coverage foundations for lighter textures. I see so many women wearing heavy faces of make-up and they don’t need it, in fact it is not doing them any favours. I always use something lightweight, even if someone is suffering from acne for example. This will even out the skin tone, without masking any natural radiance from areas of the face that are in good condition.”