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The single girl’s guide to Valentine’s Day

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The festive season is well and truly over which can only mean one thing - Valentine’s Day is coming. For many single people, this can bring weeks of avoiding the heart-covered aisles in shops, begrudgingly scrolling through photos of giant teddy bears and red roses on Instagram, not to mention dodging the dreaded ‘So what are your plans for Valentine’s Day?’ question. However, February 14th no longer needs to cause an eye roll for single people, after all, it’s a day to celebrate all kinds of love, not just relationships. In this single girl’s guide, we reveal how you can fall in love with Valentine’s Day, even if you’re not in love.

Practise self-care

Woman in the bath Woman in the bath

Self-love is the very best kind of love, and what better day to practise self-love and self-care than on Valentine’s Day? There is plenty you can do to treat yourself a little on the 14th, whether you choose to simply skip the shower in favour of a bubble bath or treat yourself to a relaxing massage with our cheap spa days.

Just Emmi blogger Emmi Bowles agrees: “Valentine’s Day is a day of love, but who said that had to solely be love for another person? Dedicate this day to some self-love. Take a bubble bath, put on a face mask and indulge in all of your favourite things from ice cream to pizza. Read that book you've been meaning to pick up, watch the cheesiest movie you can find and just do whatever makes you feel good.”

Blogger Natasha Kendall seconds this: “You could treat yourself to a mini-spa evening, using a fancy sheet mask and taking a bubble bath too!”

Even if it’s not pampering, there is plenty you can do on the 14th of February that can help you better yourself. Sophie Kelly, a blogger at Written By Soph, finds that Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to do the things you’ve been putting off. She explained: “Remember that email you’ve been meaning to send? Or the dance studio you walk past every day promising yourself you’ll take a class? Or that friend who recently had a break-up and you’ve been meaning to check on and see how she’s doing? Start the email, enquire about the class, arrange that coffee catch-up and remember Valentine’s Day is as much about loving yourself and your own life as it is about loving someone else.”

Not that you should ever need an excuse, but why not treat yourself to something nice this Valentine’s Day? Don’t worry if no one’s around to buy you flowers, chocolate or that necklace you’ve been staring at through the shop window, as this day of love is the perfect opportunity to head into town and find yourself the gift you deserve. You could even pick up a few ingredients and cook yourself your favourite meal, accompanied by some wine, cheesy music and a couple of your closest friends. That romantic dinner for two at a fancy restaurant doesn’t seem so appealing now, does it?

Host a singles’ night

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Something fun to do if you and a group of friends are all free on Valentine’s Day is to host a singles’ night. Whether you choose to keep it as just single gal pals only and use the time to catch up or see it as a dating opportunity is up to you. Natasha said: “Spend the day with other single friends! Valentine's is for couples, and Galentine’s  is for the single gals out there.”

For a singles’ celebration night, get dressed up with your girlfriends and make sure you celebrate being free and single by spending the evening together. Perhaps start the night with some cocktails or a bottle of bubbles and then hit the town and dancefloor together. Make sure you take plenty of selfies and snaps to share online too!

Alternatively, Valentine’s Day can be a great day to meet someone. Whether you choose to head to a singles’ night in a local bar to find someone to whisk you off your feet or you host your own speed dating event, there is no reason why you can’t meet the love of your life on the most romantic day of the year.

Ditch the romantic films

Two women watching TV Two women watching TV

Whether you want to watch the most romantic and cheesy Valentine’s Day films with your friends is your call. However, if you’re spending the day alone or perhaps you’ve recently gone through a breakup, we recommend ditching the romantic films and switching to something more uplifting. So, turn off Bridget Jones, Dirty Dancing and definitely avoid all Nicholas Sparks films, and put on your favourite comedy movie or a show that empowers you instead.

This another top tip by Natasha: “If you're working during the day, do something fun after work with a friend like going for drinks or even just head home and pop a comedy on (avoid The Notebook, or any other romantic movie, for that matter!).”

Go on a friend date

Three friends laughing Three friends laughing

Don’t feel you need to miss out on a date just because you’re single, friend dates can be even better than romantic dates anyway! No need to worry about making a good impression, worrying whether you have lipstick on your teeth or ordering the biggest and greasiest burger on the menu. When you’re on a friend date, you can spend the night laughing together, telling stories and reliving old memories.

Alternatively, you could have your besties over for a takeaway and a girly sleepover.

Emmi tells us: “It can be very easy to get caught up in what everyone else is doing on Valentine’s Day, so make sure you put your phone away and switch off from the outside world. If you have other friends that aren't doing anything on the day, invite them round and have a good old-fashioned sleepover.”

Or, you could even make it last the whole weekend, says Natasha: “If Valentines falls on a weekend, book something that you've wanted to do for a long time and go on a day out or two – Valentine’s is the perfect time to do it.”

Remember that it’s just another day

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At the end of the day, Valentine’s Day is only another day. Yes, it’s nice to feel included in the celebrations, but if you don’t have a partner, it really isn’t the end of the world. It’s just another 24 hours and only comes around once a year. Whether you choose to make a big deal of the day or spend it like any other day is up to you, and whatever your plans you make on the 14th of February has no bearing on your success in life.

Natasha said: “It's just a day - same as any other day. Of course, it's nice to have someone to spend the day with, but honestly, everything is expensive. Think of all the money you save buying chocolates and cards. In fact, buy your own special box of chocolates. Personally, I'd dramatically get them delivered to my workplace and pretend I have secret admirers... but that's just me.”

Sophie agreed: “Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be just about romantic love, and not having a romantic partner doesn’t mean your life has no love in it. However, admitting you don’t like being single can feel like a weakness in a world that celebrates independence, but this just isn’t true.”

So, whether you choose to spend your day getting pampered in a luxury spa or spend your evening with old friends catching up over a few drinks then remember, there is plenty to do on Valentine’s Day for someone who is single and empowered.

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