Pregnancy friendly spa treatments

Pregnancy friendly spa treatments

Everyone deserves to pamper themselves on a special spa break, regardless of whether you’ve got a little someone on the way or not.

Around the swelling, fatigue and the aches and pains, your body is crying out for a bit of TLC during pregnancy. Fortunately, Champneys offer hand-picked spa treatments that are specially designed for mums-to-be.

Jason Goldberg, Director of SpaSeekers, understands the undeniable benefits that both you as a mother and even the child can see from a professional spa treatment:

“Relaxation and pampering can be really beneficial for both mum and baby. There will be elements that you can’t have such as heat treatments (sauna, steam room etcetera), but with regards to the pampering side of things, with the relaxation then there are benefits. Therapists are highly trained and massage techniques will be adapted to suit to guest requirements.”

We understand that you are not just looking out for yourself anymore, and your little one takes full priority. That is why we want to expel all of the myths and fears that you may have towards spa treatments and show to you what you can do to on your next spa break.

Gill Crawshaw from A Baby on Board understands the concerns that women can have about going to the spa during their pregnancy:

“Being pregnant means there are limits on the type of spa treatment you can have. Make sure you go for something that's specifically designed for pregnancy. If you're unsure, ask your midwife first!”

When you are searching for the best spa deals, make sure that they have the following treatments available to make your spa break as memorable and relaxing as it possibly can be. 

The treatments

Beautiful Bump

The Beautiful Bump treatment is sure to relax any expectant mums. Let our masseurs relieve those aches and pains with a soothing foot soak followed by a back massage.

Pregnant woman

It isn’t finished there - you will then receive a localised collagen-boosting body mask. Collagen is a protein produced in the skin, which is responsible for keeping the skin looking toned, supple and youthful. A body mask will help to exfoliate, giving you a glowing complexion and plumped skin.

This is an extremely relaxing treat for expecting mothers, and after the 55 minutes spent with the therapist, your aching back and puffy ankles will have gone while your skin will be beautifully soft and radiant.

Nicola Sapsed, Spa Development Manager at Champneys Health Spa, offered her insight into the treatments available:

“The Beautiful Bump is a full-body experience to help expectant mothers relax and enjoy their bump.”

“Skin can be very itchy through pregnancy and this treatment will nourish and soothe the skin, while the massage is going to help reduce water retention as well as enhancing general wellbeing.”

Lighter Legs

Nicola Sapsed described the treatment saying that it is “perfect for all pregnant ladies but in particular if they are suffering with heavy or swollen legs.” She explains, “This treatment helps to remove fluid retention in puffy, sore or swollen ankles and legs.”

Your legs, ankles and feet carry a lot of the pressure that pregnancy brings and you will notice them aching and feeling heavy.

This massage lasts for 25 minutes, and is designed to target heavy and tiring legs that you just want to put up onto a comfortable foot-rest. Your Lighter Legs treatment will help to reduce any swelling you have below the knee, while soothing those aches and pains that come with pregnancy.

When you have to carry yourself – and your little one – around all day, your lower body can feel fatigued and heavy. By rewarding yourself with Lighter Legs, you whole body will reap the benefits.

Managing editor at BabyCentre, Sarah Redshaw, notes how often an expected mum suffers from swelling around the ankles and the discomfort this can cause:

“If you think you will be too uncomfortable lying down for a long period of time you can opt for reflexology. During pregnancy around half of women suffer from swelling around their ankles, which happens because your body is holding on to more fluid than normal. Reflexology can really help get the fluid moving again and is a great treatment if you’re on your feet all day from working or running around after children. Again, don’t forget to let the spa know how many weeks pregnant you are as some oils are not recommended during pregnancy.”

Luxury Pedicure

Woman relaxing in a spa

If you want to get the most out of lower leg treatments, then this pampering pedicure for neglected feet is perfect, as Sarah explains:

“Depending on how many weeks pregnant you are it can be difficult to even see your feet let alone paint your toes, so why not have a pedicure? Tiredness, poor sleep and general pregnancy aches and pains can start to get you down, so a manicure or pedicure are great quick pick-me-ups.  If you are having a pedicure, don’t forget to take some flip flops to put on afterwards (especially if your feet are a bit swollen) so you don’t damage the varnish before it completely hardens off.”

During the 55 minute pampering session, the Luxury Pedicure will soften and hydrate your weary feet and legs, as your nails are tidied, buffed and painted.

Having a pedicure

After this treatment you’ll be ready to show your new style off. Whip out your sandals and flaunt your freshly painted and polished nails, looking neat and beautiful.

Nicola said that “depending on the stage of pregnancy, it becomes very difficult to cut the toe nails, paint them and maintain general foot care, so this treatment is great to have your feet treated.”

“Feet take on the additional weight when a lady is pregnant, making them ache and causing hard skin in areas that the lady may not have had before. The pedicure can help to soften this as well as soothe the aches and pains that are in the feet.”

Champneys Collagen Gold

Be prepared to fully indulge yourself in an illuminating and lifting experience designed to revitalise your skin.

During the Champneys’ Collagen Gold treatment, you will experience unparalleled relaxation, as the therapist applies our Ultimate 24 Carat Gold Serum through various massages.

Skin treatments

Depending on how far along in the pregnancy you are, you may be more inclined to a facial or pedicure as you relax in a comfortable position. This massage will fight your tired skin, which, as 

Beth Owen from the Life as Mum blog says, is vitally important. 

“When I was pregnant for the third time, I loved having a manicure and a facial. I found spa treatments limited because of my big bump, although some spas offer a bed with a hole in the middle for your bump. However, I found a facial and a manicure very relaxing. It's important to have some 'me time' when you're pregnant before the baby arrives.”

After the 55 minutes, your skin will become plump, bright and illuminated courtesy of our Ultimate Serum, while the freshness of your skin will make you feel strikingly radiant.

Nicola Sapsed described Champneys’ Collagen Gold treatment as a “really indulgent treatment perfect for times when you may feel very tired during the pregnancy. During pregnancy your skin can behave very differently to normal - it can become very dry and cause hormonal break outs. This treatment will soothe and calm the skin as well as providing hydration. This is a deeply relaxing treatment for the client.”

Omega-rich creams help to nourish and rehydrate any dry skin that may have developed during pregnancy, while helping to minimise stretch marks.

Champneys 25mins Back Massage

Personalised is the operative work when it comes to these massages and other treatments, as our therapists are fully trained and experienced to deal with any stage of your pregnancy. If you find it more comfortable to be on your side, then we will ensure that you can lie down to fully appreciate your time with us.

Woman getting a massage

This 25 minute Swedish back massage will treat you to an overwhelming feeling of wellbeing and relaxation, while also helping to improve your muscle tone and skin texture.

Whether you are looking to target just your back, a particular area of choice or even your full body, our masseurs will provide a treatment that is sure to ease your weary bones and muscles.

“The perfect treatment if you are pregnant; due to weight gain and pressure where the baby lies, it can often create back ache, so the back massage will help to ease this by making the lady feel more comfortable,” said Nicola, who went on to explain:

“We would recommend having regular massages throughout the pregnancy. It’s about trying to create a sense of calm, because if the mum-to-be is calm, the baby will be, too.”

Regular massages help to reduce the stress-inducing hormones that can become heightened in women who are pregnant, while also stimulating the happiness-boosting hormones like serotonin that can be low during this time. Massages have a great rejuvenating power, offering the client newfound energy as well as cutting down the likelihood of experiencing nausea and heartburn.

Sarah Redshaw claims that massages are one of the best treatments available for any mother-to-be, and also recommends what to do to ensure optimum comfort.

“A massage can be a great way to relax and help with swollen ankles, an aching back and poor circulation in pregnancy. Most spas now offer mum-to-be packages and it’s important to let them know when booking how many weeks pregnant you are. Most spas will require you to be at least 12 weeks pregnant and there are certain aromatherapy oils than cannot be used during pregnancy but an experienced therapist with be aware of this. It may take a few pillows to get yourself comfortable and depending on how may weeks pregnant you are, you may be more comfortable lying on your side.”

So next time you fall back into the sofa, putting your feet up to ease your aching body, why not book a day spa package and explore the wide array of pregnancy friendly spa treatments.