Our Top Tips for the Festival Season


The festival season has arrived and as we know living in a field, even for a few days, can be tough on a girl’s beauty routine. Here, Champneys Spa Director Jo Parker offers a helping hand with her top six beauty tips for this summer’s festivalgoers…

1 Let’s start with your nails.

Colourful, bright nails will help you make a statement, but there’s always the danger of seeing them chip or smudge. That’s why I’d recommend switching from paint to gel, with the latter capable of lasting up to two weeks without damage. Geleration by Jessica range offer a variety of stunning, long lasting options – which make it the perfect on-the-go manicure.

Geleration by Jessica, 25 mins £35

2 For those that want high definition brows, I’d look no further than Brow by Mii.

Whilst colourful eyebrows are one of the fashion trends of the summer, it’s a look that might not be for everyone. Brow by Mii are great for neatening and defining your brow; providing shape and a tint that will stay put under the pressures of sun, rain and the consequences of non-stop dancing!

3 Face wipes; a staple of the festival beauty bag!

They’re an absolute must in this environment and will become your new best friend almost immediately. Good quality wipes will remove even the toughest of make-up products whilst cleansing and exfoliating. My top tip? Double cleanse; so that’s one wipe to remove make-up, and a second wipe to focus on the surface layer of your skin.

4 After a day and night of partying, it’s important to energise dry and dehydrated skin.

The Ginseng Toner by Elemis comes highly recommended. The spritz formula is quick and easy to use, and means that you don’t have to worry about cotton pads. It’s all about keeping your festival routine swift, effortless and stress free.

Ginseng Toner by Elemis, £22.50

5 It’s important to look after your skin, full-stop.

But you’ll need to take even more care at a festival. DECLÉOR’S BB Cream, which serves as a 24-hour multi-protective moisturiser, will certainly help with that! With the benefits of a foundation it helps create a natural flawless look, whilst its SPF 15 offers protection from the sun. It will hydrate, even out your complexion and cover any redness with a warm tint of colour. This beauty must-have will be an envy of the crowd!

BB Cream by DECLÉOR, £29.00