Our Guide to Great Festival Hair

1. The key to good festival hair is planning
I’d recommend getting a professional blow dry prior to the event as it will make sure your hair looks good for longer. A bouncy, curly blow dry helps keep hair looking natural.

2. Your style has to evolve over the weekend
Lots of girls like to start with their hair down and let it work itself up as the weekend unfolds. It's always nice to change things up, especially for those searching for a fresh festival style. 

3. Dry shampoo, your new best friend 
Dry shampoo is a festival goer’s favourite accompaniment. Naturally, your hair will become greasy, but a quick spritz of dry shampoo will help fix that. It will absorb any grease and add volume to the roots.

4. Don’t forget your accessories 
Even if it’s hair pins and a bobble, accessories will certainly come in handy over the course of a weekend festival. They’re great for up-dos! Accessories also give you a chance to be creative.

5. Keep it natural 
Once your festival waves have started to develop add some salt spray for texture. It works best for those that have a natural curl to their hair – but it makes for an effortless look.

6. Use sun protecting products 
If you’re lucky you may get some sun at your festival of choice. Sun can dry out your hair and make it look discoloured, so be sure to look after it by using sun protecting products. The restoring formulas will also help to keep your hair looking healthy and full of shine.

7. Braids and plaits are the style of choice
It’s a hair trend that works for almost any occasion, but particularly at a festival. There’s plenty of options, including halo braids, French plaits, plaited buns and fishtails. If it’s a pretty style you’re after, this is probably the route for you. 

8. If in doubt, cover up!
I’d always prefer to see the different styles and creativity of hair at a festival – after all it’s a big part of the weekend. Even in the rain there are certain styles that work; try an up-do plait, messy bun or curly ponytail. However, it doesn’t hurt to take a hat or a retro headscarf in case of an emergency.