How to protect your skin from the sun

Summer Seaside couple

A part of being British is eagerly awaiting the warm summer weather, being able to fully luxuriate in the glorious countryside and wonderful coasts that are so underappreciated the rest of the year. Often the summer can be so fleeting, that preparing, nourishing and protecting your skin against the sun’s ill effects is often forgotten.

For some, a summer routine should consist of more than slapping on a bit of factor 30, however as our skin reacts to the changes in temperature, you should also be changing up your beauty routine. Increased temperatures in dry heat can leave skin lacking in moisture increasing the appearance of fine lines. As temperatures rise, you are more likely to sweat, causing problems for those who suffer with skin conditions like eczema and then there is sun cream. An all-star of the summer, but if not properly removed, sun cream can easily clog your pores and lead to break outs.


The right sunscreen

Lady rubbing in sunscreen

We have long left behind the assumption that sun cream will stop us tanning or is a miraculous solution that will protect us for endless hours, impervious to sweat, water and other activities. However there are still common misconceptions. Many people look only for The SPF (Sun Protection Factor) and overlook other fundamental elements of a good sun cream. Dr Mahto from the British Skin Foundation reminds us:

Look for a broad-spectrum sunscreen that offers protection against UVA and UVB light with a minimum of SPF 30. Remember to apply about 30 minutes before going outdoors and reapply every 2 hours after swimming or excessive sweating.”

The Karen Clifford Skin Cancer Charity has a much more cautionary tale. The charity was begun in 2006 after a close personal tragedy revealed the lack of information on one of the UK’s fastest growing killers. Kathryn Clifford says:

“Whilst some sun is good for us, the importance of protecting your skin from the harmful effects of UV cannot be underestimated. The fact is that UV rays emitted by the sun and/or sun beds is known carcinogen to humans and the cause of almost 90% of skin cancer cases and 4 out of 5 melanoma deaths.”

Finding the right sun cream for your skin is vital. Some sun creams will warn that they are not suitable for oily or acne prone skin, take note of this as it will help you avoid summer break outs.


Keep covered up

Lady in a Kaftan

If you struggle to find your perfect sun cream, one sure fire way to protect your skin is through clothing. Kathryn Clifford informs us:

“Clothing can be one of the most effective barriers between our skin and the sun.

The closer the weave and the more skin covered - the greater the protection.

Shoulders should always be kept covered as they so easily and frequently burn.”

This is especially successful if you lead an active lifestyle and often forget to top up your sun cream. Alice from Teacake Travels finds herself in some of the world’s sunniest destinations as a travel blogger, and shared some tips for staying safe:

“If you're an adventure girl, you need to take extra care of your skin. I love biking through the mountains and along dusty roads, and this means that the sun is always out to get me with my pale British skin! I always make sure to think about my skin, rather than what I look like whilst riding. Don't give into fashion or appearance over your health. I wear long-sleeved shirts on the bike, cover up my neck with a scarf and wear a mask to ensure I don't burn. I also always wear SPF 50 sunscreen”


Skin Routine

Lady washing her face

The best way to keep on top of your skin’s health this summer is to alter your routine to fit the changes your skin goes through. This may involve changing products, or the frequency that you use them. Opting for a lighter exfoliate and a heavier moisturiser may be a simple way to adapt.

As a way to balance your skin, you could choose a spa break to thoroughly treat your skin. A full body wrap at Champneys is deeply nourishing and will restore moisture to your skin while an Elemis Superfood Facial ensures the delicate skin on your face is looking its best.

The Summer Sizzler Collection of Champneys products is a great way to keep your skin refreshed. The Citrus Blush Gel is a wonderful way to enliven your skin after the heaviness of sunscreen while the detox scrub will help slough off dead skin and reveal your glowing tan beneath.

The Night before

Making sure you remove all traces of makeup and sun cream at the end of the day may call for a stronger cleanser than you are used to. Making sure your pores are clear and your skin is healthy is key to keeping a wonderful summer glow.

If you are using an effective cleanser, soothe skin with a gentle toner and a deep moisturiser. Though an evening moisturiser may feel heavier than you are used to, it will replace the vital moisture lost throughout the day.

The Morning of

To help keep skin clean and clear in the morning, Carrie Jackson from the blog What I Love Today, recommends micellar water:

“I do like the freshness of a micellar water (although I wouldn’t choose to use one for a proper cleanse) and have recently been using Madara’s Miceallar Water. I pour a little on to a cotton pad (the bottle design annoys me slightly as you can’t squeeze it) and wipe over my face. It leaves my face feeling fresh and clean and not at all dry. I would not suggest using a micellar water in place of a cleanser, but it does the job for me in the morning.”

This can be followed by a light moisturiser, and your sun cream should help keep your skin bright and dewy.


Minimal Make up

Applying make up

In the summer, your skin needs a minimum amount of makeup, too much is uncomfortable, hot and heavy and you will sweat it off before the end of the day. Lucy from the blog Loepsie is quick to ditch the foundation in the summer, opting for concealer and powder as the only enhancement her skin needs:

“I’ve ditched foundation altogether, and now just use a little bit of concealer to cover my dark under eye circles and the redness around the tip of my nose. A small amount is enough to do that, and I like how the rest of my skin is natural. I’ve been blessed with clear skin so I should make use of that, right? I do use some translucent setting powder to keep the concealer in place and prevent shine from happening in places where I don’t want it.”