Natalie Summers returns to Champneys this summer; bringing a wealth of passion, enthusiasm and knowledge. As one of the UK’s leading personal trainers, Natalie has delivered success to a range of clients – including television personalities, Premier League footballers and gold-medal winning Olympians.

This July, you’ll be hosting your Two-Night Accomplish Fitness Boot Camp at our Forest Mere resort. What should people expect?

The fitness weekends that I run have an emphasis on education and relationship building - as well as putting people brought their paces. When a client leaves an event, one of the top priorities is that they are able to implement what they have learned into their daily routines. Lots of people get into a yo-yo effect, where they go to several boot camps each year, each time losing a bit of weight only to put it back on once it’s all over. I have a great client retention rate, and they mostly come back fitter than when they left. Each of my classes are stepping stones.

There’s a lot of competition out there, but what stands your boot camps out from its rivals?

I always keep in touch with all of my clients via social media and email - so they have constant contact post classes. So I guess my key USP is the personal touch.

There’s a healthy element of fun incorporated – how important is that?

My two best hashtags are #giggle and #sweat. The two have to go hand-in-hand! I'm a massive believer in energy and the energy is only there if a person allows it to be. The more energy - the more giggles - the more sweat - fact.

You’re one of the most successful personal trainers around, but where did it all start? It’s obvious that you love your job…

I do, I love it... Even the 4.45am early starts! No day is the same. I was lucky enough to fall pregnant with my beautiful daughter, who’s now 11, but the pregnancy was not what I expected. I gained five stone and was diagnosed with gestational diabetes. Post birth I had problems losing the weight and after being patronised by three or four personal trainers who thought I had always been overweight I decided to educate myself. One thing led to another and before I knew it I had lost the weight and was a fully-fledged PT by the end of my maternity leave!

Most notably you have also acted as Bear Grylls’ personal trainer – helping him tackle some of his toughest challenges. In fact, you’re now working together…

With Bear, he's a just everything you would think he would be! It's been a real privilege to work with him and we've had a blast training together over the past few years. It was just a natural next step to write our workouts as a book and start a business to deliver our training and help people to start their own fitness journeys. Bear brought James Cracknell in once and we put him through an EPIC Hero workout – which he loved. I am so lucky to have trained such athletes BUT I love training all different clients... I get the same feeling of pride with my clients no matter who they are, titled, untitled, celebrity or girl next door.

And finally, do you enjoy working with Champneys?

It's a great company to work with and I'm really looking forward to delivering a leading-edge fitness event for them. One that will inspire, educate and make people #giggle and #sweat.