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The advantages of a digital detox

digital detox digital detox

As the new age of technology develops, we are becoming more and more dependent on electronics, social media and our phones to get us through everyday life, but what we don’t realise is the damage our screens are doing to our health. It can be hugely beneficial to our mind and bodies to take a digital detox or even look at our range of spa deals and book a spa day every couple of months, even if you only use your phone or electronic devises for a couple of hours a day. Unwind, improve sleep and encourage a calmer and more content version of yourself.

It is reported that the average brit checks their phone every 12 minutes and spends almost 3 hours a day browsing the web, checking their messages or scrolling through social media, a statistic that has risen from only spending 90 minutes a day in 2009. In this blog, we uncover some of the benefits a digital detox can have on your wellbeing – a healthier and happier you awaits.

Increase productivity

No matter where you are, checking your phone takes up valuable time from your day and ultimately hinders your productivity one way or another. Even if it is just for a single day, try leaving your phone in your pocket or better still buried at the bottom of your bag and see if you notice an increase in concentration and decrease in stress levels.

Logging off from personal devices can allow you to disconnect from the outside world, avoid distractions from Instagram and Twitter and concentrate on what matters at that moment in time.

Sheerluxe recently released an article about the benefits of digital detoxing and your productivity: “The majority of us work behind a computer every day so it can be difficult to take a complete tech break, but you can still log off from your personal devices to give yourself a much-needed breather. Try not taking your phone to work for the day (if you can handle it), that way you’ll be free of distractions, and you’ll be much more productive.”

Rebuild relationships

Social media, the internet and electronics can have negative effects on our relationships around us. Taking time away from your digital life and making an effort to see loved ones, catch up with old friends or just spend time to get to know yourself again can prove really beneficial.

We spoke to Olivia from O. Christine and asked her why she thinks that a digital detox can be beneficial to close relationships: “In a world of instant gratification and social validation, a digital detox allows us to refocus, refuel, and reconnect. It helps us prioritize personal relationships, self-growth, and daily joys in plain sight - and can keep us healthy!”

We then asked her about her own experiences of taking a digital detox: “I recently took a 5-day digital detox and it was just what I needed. As someone travelling with an autoimmune disease, whose income streams are all tied to the digital world in some way, my eyes are always locked onto a screen. This has caused extreme eye strain, worsening posture, and even headaches. Stepping away helped me concentrate on my friendships, having an authentic conversation (not distracted by "multitasking") and of course - enjoying a wellness getaway with much-needed relaxation.”

Coffee with friends Coffee with friends

Improve sleep

Many people have heard that checking your phone before bed will prevent you from sleeping, but it is correct that checking your social media or looking at your phone screen can delay your body’s natural reaction to shut down and unwind. When your body recognises it is ready to unwind and go to sleep, your brain releases melatonin, but the use of electronics can trick your mind into thinking it needs to stay awake for longer, ultimately delaying the release of the sleep-inducing chemical. Allowing an hour of relaxation before bed that is free of electronics can have positive effects on how well you sleep and your long-term sleeping pattern.

Clear the mind

Frankie Thomas, a blogger from Meet Me By The Sea told us a little about her experiences with digital detoxing: “Being a social media influencer and a marketing freelancer I spend A LOT of time online. Every now and again I make sure that I take some time away from my phone and laptop to enjoy a break from the digital world. Whether it’s a short break away from home or just from the electronics, it’s important to relax and reconnect with my own mind. In a day where social media plays a huge factor in everyday life, I believe it’s necessary to undergo a digital detox from time to time -  not only for your own wellbeing but so you stay inspired and grounded.”

Distancing yourself from social media and your electronic devices can reset your mind, allowing you to become a calmer and more content version of yourself. Detach yourself from work emails, social media or any distractions and allow yourself to live in the moment and enjoy the great things going on around you. Don’t allow yourself to miss out on the good things – book a trip away and leave your phone at home.

Women sitting on hill Women sitting on hill

Improve mental wellbeing

There is a common connection between social media, electronics, depression and anxiety and digital detoxing can improve your mental state in a matter of days. Self-confidence and positivity can be drained by the use of electronics as you scroll through a feed of someone’s seemingly perfect life, taking time away from these pressures and allowing yourself to feel happy and content in your own body can have huge positive effects on your mental wellbeing.

Allow your mind to rest and recharge away from the stains of everyday life. Recharge and reboot before heading back online and you’ll be amazed at how happy and healthy you will feel afterwards.

“It’s important to give your brain a break from digital processing. Information overload can have a serious effect on the way that you think and your general wellbeing. Taking a break to recharge and reboot will keep your brain healthy, happy and full of creative ideas.” Says Sheerluxe.

Improve physical health

With your eyes glued to a screen, you’re probably not going to be moving around an awful lot and growing obesity rates are linked to the amount we use technology these days. Putting your phone down and heading out for a run, to the park or even a short walk doesn’t just help your physical health but can reduce stress and anxiety.

Using your phone for long periods of time can cause lower back and neck pain, disallowing your blood to move freely around your body and encourages bad posture. Exercising releases endorphins that help boost happiness and productivity – so get up and get moving, making sure you leave your phone or any electronics behind.

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