Your Boot Camp Questions Answered

Offering the ultimate boot camp experience, our wellbeing and nutrition experts are here to help you achieve your fitness goals with fun indoor and outdoor activities, team games, intensive weight loss programmes, health monitoring and delicious recipes.

If you're new to the idea of boot camps and thinking about signing up for one in the new year, here we answer your questions on our two, four and seven-night boot camp.  

How intense are the boot camps at Champneys? Will the instructors shout and scream at me?

Our instructors are there to help. They will encourage, motivate and support every guest; we want you to achieve the best results. While we want to push you to your maximum ability, we also want you to have fun and workout with a smile on your face. So no, there will be no military style shouting for not doing that last push up! The idea is to leave you feeling rejuvenated and motivated to make positive lifestyle changes. The programmes are designed so that everyone can get the most out of it, no matter what they have done before. There are plenty of options for all fitness abilities.

What if I feel that my fitness is just not good enough?

Don’t worry, you won’t be alone. It’s not about who can run the furthest or lift the heaviest weights, it’s about making those positive improvements within. Our boot camp programmes have been designed to suit all levels of fitness, and all shapes and sizes. We believe you’ll be surprised by what you can achieve!

Are we obliged to join in with every class and activity? What if we’re too tired to carry on?

Obviously we hope this won’t happen. We’re confident, though, that the programme we have created combined with the team spirit and group camaraderie will see you through. Having said that, everyone will be treated as an individual and any personal restrictions will be taken into consideration. Communication is the key, just let your instructor know.

So what will I need to wear?

A lot of our boot camp activities take place outside. So you’ll need suitable footwear and at this time of year, a warm hat, gloves and waterproofs. General wear includes tracksuits, shorts, t-shirts and swimwear (enough for every day of your stay). You’ll also need indoor and outdoor trainers.

What do we need to eat?

Let us take care of that. We’ll provide fresh, health and extremely delicious food throughout. Our chefs and nutritionists have worked tirelessly to come up with the perfect food plan. We’ll make sure you get the right amount of daily calories for the amount of exercise you do. If you have any dietary requirements, it’s best to let us know prior to your stay. As a group, you will all eat together. You will also be joined by an instructor or nutritionist, who will provide advice on how to maintain good eating habits for when you get home.

What are the instructors like and how many are there?

Usually up to three instructors, all dedicated to the group and will work with you throughout your stay. As mentioned, they are there to help and will support you every step of the way. We’re a friendly team here at Champneys and all of our instructors are highly qualified and extremely determined to help you achieve the best possible results.

And what about the rest of the Champneys facilities, will there be much free-time?

There will be some free-time, we won’t be working you all day! Due to the intensity of the programme in terms of activity frequency, you’ll need some time to unwind. We recommend that you book in some treatments with our therapists in the spa – an ideal way to soothe those aching muscles.

So, after all this, will I lose weight?

A Champneys Boot Camp is a nutrition and exercise, science-based weight loss camp. We are confident that if you dedicate the right amount of effort and commitment, we can help you achieve the desired results. More importantly we hope that you leave our boot camps feeling fitter, more energised and with a greater knowledge of how to maintain a healthier lifestyle.