Fitness Trends for 2017

Our predictions are in. Check out our fitness instructors’ top five fitness trends for the coming year.

No 1. Back To Basics

With the demand to stand out and think a bit differently, it’s fair to say that the industry has got a little cluttered. But I think we’ll see a return to more basic fundamentals in 2017. That means more practical classes with overall movement and proven results taking focus. TRX classes are definitely getting more popular, focusing on developing strength, balance, cardio, flexibility and core stability. Originating in the Navy SEALs, it involves one piece of equipment – the suspension trainer, which leverages gravity and the user’s body weight. Combining resistance and body weight-training, it can work all muscle groups, burn fat and seriously tone. Keeping things simple, but it’s extremely effective.

No 2. High Intensity Interval Training

While this is by no means a new form of exercise, the popularity of HIIT will continue to rise over the next 12 months. At Champneys, it’s popular among those who don’t have a lot of time. Simply, because it allows them to smash through an intense workout in very little time. If you’re not familiar with the process, HIIT involves intense periods of exercise followed by durations of rest – and works for all fitness types. Ideal for those with a busy schedule, HIIT targets the burning of fat and improving cardio capacity.

No 3. Get Your Groove On 

Aerobics swept the nation back in the 1980s, and it looks like we might see those leotards and leg warmers once more. By channelling your inner Jane Fonda, join the fun and get retro as dance and aerobic style classes make a resurgence. Step aerobics have been hugely popular in gyms across the US, and it looks like we’ll see a fresh take on those original classes during 2017. From Flashdance to Madonna and Michael Jackson, tone up and get your blood pumping to the sound of the 80s. You’ll also improve coordination and agility, while promoting both cardiovascular and muscular endurance. Getting fit has never been more fun! 

No 4. The Great Outdoors  

Working out outdoors is nothing new, but I think it’s something more and more people are becoming aware of. Just look at how popular events like the Tough Mudder have become. At Champneys, taking the exercise outside is something we try to as much as possible. It helps boost endorphin levels and makes participants feel good, it also helps the body generate more Vitamin D. We have a wide collection of boot camp options at all four of our resorts, promoting fun with challenging yet simplistic workouts. Our boot camps are the perfect opportunity for individuals to get back into a sustainable fitness regime, one that they will be able to maintain afterwards. 

No.5 Treading Water 

We’ve long recognised the appeal of water exercise at Champneys, with Aqua Fit, Aqua Circuit and Aqua Jog taking their place among our most popular classes. We’ve even had Aquabase classes in which guests exercise on top of a specially-designed floating board and combines yoga-inspired and high intensity exercises. Poolbiking looks like it could be the next big water-based fitness trend. Using tailor made submerged bikes, Poolbiking creates a complete body resistance workout that could see users burning up to 800 calories in an hour.