Top 11 health and fitness Instagrammers to follow

Top 10 health and fitness Instagrammers to follow


From the vibrant colours of natural healthy ingredients and beautiful click worthy meals to perfect poses and idyllic beach yoga snaps, Instagram has become the go-to platform for content that is shared and inspired in equal measure. Here, we select our favourite 11 health and fitness Instagrammers for you to follow…

1. TheWholeFoodDiary

Husband and wife duo Kezia and Jared share their passion for healthy foods and recipes, feeding their bodies with the nutrients and vitamins that our bodies crave in today’s fast-paced, fast food environment. @Thewholefooddiary is full of delicious bowls of goodness, simple to make and equally beautiful to look at.

2. Balletbeautiful

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Ballet and barre fitness has become a huge hit with the famous over the past couple of years and has proven to be a great way to improve posture and flexibility, working your body in a whole new way. @Balletbeautiful is the Instagram of professional ballerina Mary Helen Bowers, who documents snippets of her practicing her poses, showing the true beauty of the body.

3. Wholeheartedeats

Seasonal ingredients are what make recipes like those on @wholeheartedeats so elegant and aesthetically pleasing. Author Sophie MacKenzie uses her account, as well as her blog, to present plant-based food dishes, a great way to mix up your eating routine if you find yourself lacking the essential nutrients found in these ingredients.

Sophie says: “Eating nutritiously packed meals and exercising regularly helps give me energy and makes me feel strong in my own skin. Instagram has been a wonderful place for me to find a community of supportive and inspiring like-minded individuals. They constantly give me great new ways of playing around and making new and exciting meals.”

4. AmandaBisk

Former Olympic athlete Amanda Bisk has taken to her health and fitness Instagram account like a duck to water. Her beautiful images of yoga and other types of exercise have helped to inspire her 627K followers, as well as short clips of her daily workout routines. @Amandabick inspires people to do what makes you feel good, both on the inside and out.

6. FitMenCook

Kevin from @Fitmencook uploads a fantastic array of colourful dishes and recipes, perfect for both men and women who would like to spice up their mealtimes. If you are starting to gain momentum in your fitness regime then meal preparation is something to consider for long-term goals, and this is where you can find some simple and tasty recipes.

7. Mynewroots

Healthy and nutritious food doesn’t have to take ages to prepare, especially in today’s busy and bustling world. @Mynewroots is the perfect place to look if you are in need of quick inspiration for wholesome bowls of goodness and Sarah Britton, author of the account, knows just how to do it. From gluten-free homemade pizzas to sweet and savoury vegan ‘fudgesticles’, you will want to try out the various recipes captured here.

8. Jocelynskinner

What happens when you combine dancing, gym workouts, healthy eating and beauty? A gorgeous array of Instagram shots! @JocelynSkinner prepares delicious and nutritious recipes in and around her performing arts degree and workouts, making for a unique blend of inspiration and creativity.

Jocelyn explains: “I’ve had Instagram ever since it first came onto the social media scene, but I was 18 and used it for mostly random things or things I was interested in. But I’d say it was about 18 months ago I deleted that account and started a fresh one with the idea in mind that I wanted it to be a small blogging platform for lifestyle, beauty, food and exercise – basically all the things I enjoy in life!

“What made me start documenting the fitness aspect of my life was other fitness Instagrammers sharing their stories and experiences, and it was uplifting to see such a supportive community. It’s benefitted me in a way that keeps me motivated. If ever I’m having a down day and I’ve hit a wall, I scroll through and see how far I’ve come and how much I am capable of.”

9. Twobadbodies

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Workout and fitness duo Kaisa and Jennifer make up the team of @twobadbodies and are the ultimate fitness buddy inspiration, making exercise fun and enjoyable. The range of exercises on their Instagram account is never-ending and will provide you and your friends with high-intensity and satisfying workouts for the mind and body.

10. Mindbodygreen

Baby steps, people. Baby steps. 🙏✨ #mbgquote #personalgrowth #thursdaythoughts

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Positive life quotes and beautiful imagery are what make up @Mindbodygreen. It’s the best go-to Instagram account if you need a little pick-me-up here and there. Focusing on the mind just as much as the body is important for a balanced, active and healthy lifestyle, and @Mindbodygreen has the words to carry your strength through.

11. Shona Vertue

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Shona Vertue (@shona_vertue) is one of the rising stars of the yoga world. Born in Australia, she decamped to London’s urban jungle in 2014 and has rapidly become one of the most sought after yoga teachers around. With a background in gymnastics and dance, her whole life has been dedicated to movement, exercise and nutrition. The Instagram favourite is good friends with popular health nutritionist Madeleine Shaw and counts model Lara Stone among her clients.

As you can see, Shona has a large Instagram following, so we asked her about how to grow your account. “Take beautiful photos of what you love - not what you think other people love. It's your page, you want to attract other like-minded people to the page that authentically love what you love. Otherwise why are you doing it?”


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Don’t forget the official Champneys Instagram page (@champneysspas) for the latest photos promoting wellness as a ways of life.