The top beauty regime tips we all learn from our mother

The top beauty regime tips we all learn from our mother

When we were younger they would have shuttled us to and from school and for many of us would have shared little slices of knowledge that have helped shaped the people we are today.

Of course not all of this wisdom was useful, and being told to cheer up before the wind changes may have caused more fear than was entirely necessary. However some of these life lessons have seen us through and we will be sure to pass on to our own children. Read on to find the top tips mothers have shared.

Importance of taking a break

Importance of taking a break

It’s common to hear our mothers say “we all need a break or else you’ll work yourself into the ground” and taking a break can actually be good for your career.

The Undercover Recruiter, says, “You might think that working late and not taking time off means you will get more work done, but research has actually found that when working longer hours, employees aren’t as creative and find it hard to maintain the same intensity level in their work. So by working yourself too hard, it could actually be detrimental to the quality of your work.”

Taking a break can also make you healthier and if you decide to go on a mother and daughter spa days you can spend some quality time with loved ones.

The work-life balance is important as if it’s not then you will start to build negative feelings towards work or your employer. It is also important for your wellness and mindfulness and finding activities that leave you feeling fulfilled outside of work can help your concentration and work/life balance.

Take make up off before bed

Take make up off before bed

Another classic tip most of us inherit from our mother is to always take our make-up off before bed. But what are the real consequences of not cleansing?

Below are some tips from the Good Housekeeping website that will make you think twice about hopping into bed without washing your face.

- You’ll break out – Dirt and dead skin cells will not be removed and the clogged pores will lead to forming of pimples.

- A lack of cleansing before bed can make your complexion appear dull as the outermost layers of your skin are matted up against the pillow all night.

- Your skin looks older – By not cleansing the dirt and makeup that gets trapped against your skin can cause environmentally-induced oxidative damage, which can cause your skin to look older and can cause more wrinkles.

- Causes acne and infections – For those of you that have temperamental skin, a lack of cleansing can cause outbreaks of acne and for those with existing acne it can even cause infections.

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Remember to moisturise hands and neck

Remember to moisturise hands and neck

Another beauty tip our mothers often share with us is to moisturise our hands and neck as these are two of the most neglected body parts.

Despite needing equal amounts of attention as our complexions and feet they often are forgotten about, but you can use similar products for all of them.

The lifestyle website Vagabomb has shared some extra tips about how you can easily take care of your hands and neck.

For your hands the Vagabomb site recommends carrying a bottle of thick moisturiser in your purse so you are able to apply it whenever your hands feel rough and after you’ve washed your hands.

If you’re moisturising your face then you can also moisturise your neck with the same product. The experts at Vagabomb say that you should make sure you massage upwards while applying the moisturisers and that you shouldn’t do it too vigorously or long as this could harm your skin.

Take a look at our range of hand and foot moisturisers to make an informed decision about what product would be best for you.

Buying for your skin type

Buying for your skin type

Another pearl of wisdom our mums would often share with us would be to buy products for our skin type.

It can be difficult to buy for your skin type, especially as there are now so many options available to us and the fact that everyone’s skin is unique and will react differently. Identifying your skin type early on is the secret to success.

The different skin types are:

- Normal – This is where the skin is not too dry or oily, has an even tone and is soft in texture.

- Dry skin – Small pores and a feeling of tightness are the characteristics of dry skin.

- Oily – Those of you with oily skin may have larger pores and a shiny, denser feeling complexion. Hydration is not an issue for those of you with this skin type.

- Combination skin type – While most of us will have combination skin to a certain degree, people with this type of skin will experience it to a larger degree. Generally your skin will be marked by a consistently oily T-zone with dryness in other areas of the face.

An article on Victoria Health says, “Taking care of your skin is a process and results require consistency and patience, and in a lot of cases, simplicity.

“I would suggest starting with around 5-7 (products) depending on your skin type and recording your routines to track the effects before adding more.”

Victoria Health advises you to use antioxidants, retinoids/retinols and moisturisers as these products form a good all-round routine that will keep your skin healthy.

Wear sun cream

Wear sun cream

Arguably one of the most common tips our mother hands down to us is to wear sun cream in the sun as it protects us against harmful UV rays.

According to Allure, “Sunscreen should be worn daily, no matter your location — indoors and outdoors.”

Many of us do not realise the damage summer sunshine can do to us. Even if you are just running errands, the exposure can cause incidental sun damage and this adds up.

You should always apply sunscreen to the face, neck and shoulders, while the magic protection SPF number is 30. Sun cream with an SPF of 30 has been clinically proven to be a sufficient amount of protection from sunlight.

Dermatologists also recommend for you to reapply sun cream every couple of hours, especially if you are swimming or are sweating a lot.

Read our “How to protect your skin from the sun” guide to find out more tips about how to keep your summer glow without compromising your skin safety.



While daily cleansing and moisturising is essential, another tip our mothers often share with us is the need to exfoliate.

She Knows, says, “Exfoliation treatments can help with skin rejuvenation, elasticity and collagen and removes dead skin cells from the surface. It will help tired, scarred or old skin look fresh, soft and ready to take on whatever.”

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