Quick and easy beauty tips for busy parents

mother with young child

With the kids back at school, suddenly parents can find their mornings a lot busier. Trying to juggle taking the children to class, careers, housework, seeing friends and still finding some me time is a real struggle.

Often, you’ll find only a few minutes free in the morning (if you are lucky) to try and maintain a beauty regime and pamper yourself. Although you can escape for a much-needed spa day every now and then, it’s the time in between where you can feel like you’ve lost your self-care completely.

We reached out to some of the best beauty bloggers with children to find out their top beauty tips for busy parents.

Multi use products are a life saver

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Just another mummy blog

 “Less is more!”

Steph uses her blog, Just Another Mummy Blog, to write about life after having her first daughter, Harper. As well as blogging about being a mum, she also talks about her lifestyle, including posts about beauty, fashion, fitness and more. She spoke to us about why she started blogging: “After I had my first daughter, Harper, I found myself feeling quite alone as the majority of my friends hadn’t had children yet. With a background in journalism, I wanted to keep my mind going and connect with other mums and women. I had no idea it would turn into what it has today! I literally thought up a name; ‘Just Another Mummy Blog’, started an Instagram and made the blog! I absolutely love what I do and all the beautiful connections, opportunities and friendships I've made since!”

Steph shared her number one beauty tip with us: “My number one beauty tip is less is more! Try to find multipurpose products such as moisturisers that can be a makeup primer, a quick easy mineral makeup and using bronzer not only on your cheeks but also popping some over your eyelids for a super easy eyeshadow!”

The Natural makeup review

“Give yourself a fresh healthy glow”

We got in touch with Valora at The Natural Makeup Review, who blogs her beauty advice. She told us more about why she started: “I started blogging because I love to write, and I also love to help others. Blogging is a great way for me to share my passion and to connect with people all over the world.”

Valora shared her number one quick beauty tip: “Multi-use products! Tinted moisturizers or BB creams and lip and cheek tints are a must. You can quickly apply them to give yourself a fresh healthy glow. I know busy parents don't get much sleep, especially with little ones. So, smoothing on a BB cream and applying a nice colour to your lips and cheeks can really make all the difference in how you look and feel. Choose a brand that is natural and contains skin nourishing ingredients such as aloe, vitamin c, rosehip seed oil, essential oils or fruit and flower extracts.”

The Curious Mummy

“It’s a lifesaver in-between hair washes or on those mornings when you have to get yourself and the kids out of the door in record time.”

The Curious Mummy is a family lifestyle blog run by Donna. Donna blogs about many aspects of her life, including her family, style, food and travel. We asked Donna what inspired her to start blogging: “I was pregnant with baby number two and decided it was time to hit pause on the TV career to focus on raising a family. I loved everything about my new full-time role as Mum, yet the realities were far from the glossy magazines that I had spent years pouring over. Pregnancy insomnia gave me a few extra hours in the day, so I decided to fill those twilight hours by creating The Curious Mummy. The blog has evolved since those restless nights and today I focus on my three favourite loves - family, food and fashion.

Donna kindly offered the beauty tip she lives by: “Always make sure you have a dry shampoo in your bathroom cabinet. It’s a lifesaver in-between hair washes or on those mornings when you have to get yourself and the kids out of the door in record time. Plus, if you pick up with one with a slight tint, it can work wonders on hiding the grey. Dry shampoo also works well if you want a little volume at your roots too.”

Keep it simple with key products

eye shadow on brush

Mummy Matters

“It makes me feel instantly brighter and fresh-faced”

Sabina writes about all aspects of her life on Mummy Matters, from juggling life with four children, a husband and a dog, to advice blogs - it’s a great resource for any mum, new and old. She told us about how she got into blogging: “I started blogging as a way of keeping my brain active whilst on maternity leave. I thought it would just be a hobby and had no idea that I would still be doing it nearly 10 years later.”

Sabina offered us her top tip: “On those mornings when I just don't have the time to do a 'full face' before I leave the house, the one thing that I will use is a smudge of cream blusher to give my cheeks a healthy glow.  It makes me feel instantly brighter and fresh-faced.”

Accidental Hipster Mum

“You'll look like you've made far more effort than you really have!”

Accidental Hipster Mum is a blog run by Jenny. After having her children Jenny found herself losing touch with pop culture, and that’s where her blog name came from. Jenny told us how she got into the game: “I started blogging when my second child was about four months old. He breastfed a lot, so I spent a lot of time sat down and thought I could make use of my time by starting a blog!”

She gave us her number one time-saving tip: “My number one tip is to use a mattifying moisturiser that works as a primer. That way, if you're short on time, instead of doing a full face of makeup, your moisturiser will smooth your complexion and stop it from shining, so if you just put a quick flutter of mascara on, you'll look like you've made far more effort than you really have!”

Honest Mum

“Focus on three key beauty products that will work hard for you”

As well as being Honest Mum, Vicki is a vlogger, filmmaker, #1 best-selling author and mother-of-two. She has been featured on TV numerous times as an expert parent, as well as promoting her new book Mumboss.

We asked Vicki what inspired her to start blogging: “I started blogging while on maternity leave back in 2010 in a bid to carve out a creative space of my own and find my voice again after a traumatic birth. It organically developed into a career seeing me leave TV Directing to become a full-time blogger and vlogger which I do today. I'm now also an author, and my debut book Mumboss was released in May 2018.”

Vicki found some time in her schedule to give us her number one beauty tip: “My number one tip for busy mums is focus on three key beauty products that will work hard for you. Mine are concealer (Rimmel), mascara (Chanel) and lipstick (Laura Mercier).

“If that's too many tips then this is one I swear by: use one product that will double up, so I use a bronzer as both blusher and eyeshadow.”

Scandi Mummy

My number one tip is a good face wash and an old-fashioned face cloth.”

We spoke to Nadia, known online as Scandi Mummy. She told us what inspired her to start blogging: “I started blogging while on maternity leave 3-and-a-half-years ago. As an actress, I missed the creativity and becoming a content creator gave me the satisfying outlet I was searching for. Now a self-taught photographer, I love shooting people in particular, but also styling and capturing just the right image for a campaign, whether interiors, food or fashion. As a blogger, I’m often in front of the camera too and therefore look after myself. Eating healthy, caring for my skin and exercise (chasing my toddler is the best kind) means a lot to me and keeps me happy. 

Nadia then gave us her number one beauty tip: “My number one tip is a good face-wash and an old-fashioned face cloth. Use warm water in the evening before bed and cold water to freshen and tighten in the morning. 



Mummy Kimmy

“If your brow game is strong, the rest of your face can get away with it!”

Mummy Kimmy is a blog run by Kim, a mother based in Edinburgh who is a journalist by trade but turned to blogging after falling pregnant.

Kim told us when she first started blogging: “I started blogging in the 17th week of my first pregnancy because I was freaking out that my whole life was about to change. I wanted to connect with other mums who were also normal women - and not lose myself in the process of becoming a mummy. Writing is my therapy, it helps me make sense of my life, so I’m still at it even though that little foetus is now 7-and-a-half-years old!”

Kim then went on to give us her number one beauty tip: “My number one quick beauty tip concerns eyebrows. If your brow game is strong, the rest of your face can get away with it! I use a pencil because mine are quite blonde and I get them threaded regularly. If you’re a crazy busy mum, you can usually find a brow bar in the middle of a shopping centre - I would give them crisps and would usually get ten minutes of peace to get my eyebrows sorted!”

Dedicate even of small portion of time to your routine

woman smiling in lipstick

European Mummy

 “A good blow dry makes a massive difference!”

European Mummy is a blog run by Adele, after living everywhere from Dorset to Germany, she has now settled down in London. We asked her why she turned to blogging: “I started blogging in order to not forget anything! It’s like a journal that will never go away.”

Adele had one quick beauty tip for other busy mums: “Beauty tips: except the obvious (sleep and water), get blow drys at home! Logistically easier and a good blow dry makes a massive difference! As well as good eyebrows...”

Welsh Mummy blogs

“Keep things simple and keep a well-organised makeup bag!”

Welsh Mummy Blogs is run by the wonderful Charlotte, who documents her life online as a digital memento of her son’s childhood. She explained: “I started blogging as a way in which to record the fun things we do as a family. It started as an online diary my sons could look back on when they were grown up and possibly parents themselves.”

Charlotte gave us her top beauty tip that has helped her whilst being a busy mum: “Keep things simple and keep a well-organised make up bag! I used to find most of my time applying makeup was spent trying to find an eyeshadow brush or my favourite colour!

“Since having a clear out of old makeup and buying pots for brushes and a smaller makeup bag, the time spent on my morning makeup routine has almost halved.”

Autumn’s Mummy Blog

“When I frame my smile with my favourite bright red lipstick, I feel like I can take on the world.”

Autumn’s Mummy Blog is run by Laura, a 26-year-old first-time mum who blogs about her family life.

Laura told us the story of her entry into blogging: “I started blogging just over a year and a half ago when my daughter was 3-months old. At two-weeks old, she suddenly fell severely ill and at points, I was concerned we were going to lose her as the hospital tried to find out what was wrong. To cut a very long story short, she had a huge cyst wrapped around her ovary. This killed it off, triggering sepsis or a similar response. At 5 weeks old she had open surgery to remove both the cyst and ovary and made a great recovery. To see her, you'd never know what had happened as she's such a happy and lively little girl.

“As someone prone to anxiety and panic attacks, it all had a huge effect on me and writing about it was therapeutic to me. I shared it online in the hope it might help others. I soon discovered that this blog could also be a great project to help keep me sane between feeds and nappy changes, as I've always enjoyed writing and techy things.”

Laura shared her best beauty tip for busy parents: “Wear a smile (even if you don't feel like it!). It's the most beautiful accessory you have. Even if you're stressed, fake it 'til you make it - smiling releases happy hormones in your brain. When I frame my smile with my favourite bright red lipstick, I feel like I can take on the world!”

The Coastal Mummy

“Take time out for yourself, as a parent you can forget that you need some time too”

Rebecca is known online as The Coastal Mummy, where she blogs about her life as a parent of two. Rebecca is also a passionate Down Syndrome advocate and blogs a lot about that part of her life. Rebecca told us how she started blogging: “I started blogging as a hobby, I was a new mum and wanted a hobby that I could do when my daughter had gone to bed that was just for me. “

Her tip mirrors why she started the blog: “My number one beauty tip is to make sure that you take time out for yourself, as a parent you can forget that you need some time too. Even if it is just 10-minutes to do a face mask, it is so important!”

So, there you have it, the best beauty tips from some real-life mums who have put them into practice. If you have any of your own beauty tips for parents in a rush we would love to hear them!