How to prepare for your office Christmas party

Shoes and confetti

The Christmas period is always full of social events, from family gatherings to catching up with friends before they head to different corners of the country.

Make sure you don’t get caught out by the festive season and get prepared in the coming weeks. Whether you are looking to boost your skin’s brightness with a treatment at one of our quality day spas in Guildford or Chichester or just want to keep on top of winter skin with an improved routine, read on to discover our expert tips.


5 days to go



One way to ensure you are looking (and feeling) your best for a festive party is to get a minimum of eight hours’ quality sleep a night.

In the run up to Christmas it can seem almost impossible to shut-down your brain long enough for some well-earned beauty rest, but there are always ways to aid natural slumber.

There are lots of tricks to improving your sleep, including cutting caffeine from mid-afternoon, to putting down all electronics an hour before you go to sleep. If you are really struggling, try exercising in the early evening. According to the National Sleep Foundation’s study, those who exercise regularly reported sleeping better.


Alternatively, aromatherapy may be the way to relaxation with soothing scents like lavender. Essential oils placed strategically in the bedroom can help you relax or our Sleep Temple Balm applied to your temples could help send you off.


Spa Treatments

lady enjoying a facial

The effects of spa treatments can last a lot longer than 5 days, but treating yourself to an experience in early December will help you maintain a bright complexion throughout the festive season.

Whether you intend to have a couple of treatments at a day spa or just concentrate on a facial, you’ll be reaping the benefits for weeks to come.

For a facial to banish stress, try the Decleor Power Packed Vitamin Surge Facial for a deep cleanse and a perfect glow. Winter weather can make maintaining smooth tricky and cause dry spots in unexpected places. To make sure your elbows or knees aren’t showing the ill effects of the colder months, the Champneys Body Radiance will keep all your skin looking bright and feeling nourished. 



There’s a difference between knowing one should up their water intake in theory and doing it in practice.

But for clear and dewy skin, increased hydration is a great habit to live by, especially as according to research by Sodastream finds that 7.2 million adults in the UK don’t drink a glass of water on a daily basis! Cutting caffeine will improve your skin’s hydration, as will changes to your diet, but the best way to ensure success is to monitor your intake of water.

A HydrateM8 bottle encourages you to drink a certain amount of water by a specific time in the day, so though this may seem like a lot when you begin, it will soon become second nature. If you struggle with the taste of water, try a natural alternative to squash with an Infruition bottle that allows you to infuse water with the fruit of your choice.

2 days to go




Facemasks are a great way to top-up earlier treatments and should be part of the beauty regime in the run up to any event.

However, with so many facemasks on the market promising to detox, purify, hydrate, and brighten, it is hard to know which one is perfect for your skin. Lauren Conrad breaks down the strengths of each type of facemask, what each skin type should avoid, and the sort of results you can expect. Lauren recommends that:

“While sheet masks brighten and tighten skin, they’re not generally used for detoxifying or flushing out pores. So, if you’re looking for a deep clean, opt for a clay or exfoliating mask instead.”



Matte red lips

Autumn and winter lips almost always require deep shades and a matte finish.

While this may look great and feel festive, it does require a little preparation. Matte finish lipsticks can be drying and can quickly flake if your lips are not hydrated. Dark colours are also quite unforgiving so whether you have chosen a deep berry or bold red, make sure your lips are looking their best.

Exfoliating your lips a couple of days before your Christmas party will keep them soft, which also makes them look fuller. You can invest in a lip scrub or follow celebrity makeup artist Melissa Walsh’s suggestion by putting a little Vaseline on your lips and then using a soft toothbrush to gently exfoliate. “Make sure to rinse and dry after so you don’t leave a film,” she says.


Party feet


This time of year, our feet are hidden beneath layers of socks and hosiery but this is no excuse to be caught out on the night of a party with cracked heels and peeling polish. Attend to cracked heels with a restoring balm that targets the area and make sure the whole foot (and ankle) is moisturised and supple.


If you have chosen shoes with an open toe, spend time shaping and painting your toe nails a couple of days prior.


On the day




Whether you have fifteen minutes to preen in the office loo or the luxury of your own dressing table before the event, your party makeup should be show-stopping.

Spending time picking out products that you trust to make sure you look your best will help make this a stress-free process. Regardless of if you prefer to wear just a little or a lot of makeup, a great base will keep your finish flawless.

Finding the perfect foundation is the ultimate makeup goal but it is about more than matching tone. Not only do you need to match your skin tone, which requires a lot of time at makeup counters, testing shades against your jawline for a true match, you should also match your skin type. Foundations come in many forms, from mousse to powder, and understanding how your skin reacts will be the secret to finding the perfect formula. Once you have the perfect foundation, your base will always be immaculate.



Highlighter across collar bone

To capitalise on your already glowing skin, a touch of highlight and sparkle should get you in the festive spirit.

Patricia Bright has a great blog post on how to achieve a luminous look:

“Keep it focused and clean! I try to avoid over-highlighting but the tops of my cheek bones and the bridge of my nose always look amazing with a touch of gold applied sparingly with a fan brush. I like to use highlight to make only the best areas of my face stand out.”

Highlighter doesn’t have to be confined to your face. For years women have been contouring their collar bones and décolletage for to create the illusion of a slimmer frame. This year it’s about shoulders - add some subtle shimmer for gorgeous glowy effect.