Easy autumn and winter exercise tips

Easy autumn and winter exercise tips

When the sun is shining and the days are longer we know that it is much more appealing to get out and exercise than it is during the autumn and winter.

Shorter days and colder temperatures can sometimes discourage even the hardiest exerciser from going out and staying fit. But, there are a number of easy autumn and winter exercise tips that you can follow, to keep you on track through the next few months.

Consider a boot camp

Consider a boot camp

One way to ensure you’ll exercise during the winter is by going on a weekend boot camp as not only will this benefit you physically, but it will also educate you on what to eat and how to make healthy meals choices.

At Champneys, for example, we understand that physical fitness isn’t just about working up a sweat as it’s also about nutrition and making positive lifestyle changes.

The great thing about our boot camps is the fact that you can attend them on your own or with friends and family. Our boot camps are created to boost your confidence and help your body achieve its best results, but most importantly to help you improve your fitness whilst having fun.

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Make time and keep moving

Make time and keep moving

We all know it is important to make time to exercise during the autumn and winter months but it motivation can be hard to muster compared to summer. Alana Gray, who runs the fitness and running blog The Larns, recommends not getting bogged down with what sort of exercise you should be doing, but rather just focus on remaining active and keep moving.

“My advice would be that it’s not particularly important what specific exercise you do in winter but being efficient about making time to keep moving. If you aren’t an early riser or prefer to work out in daylight, try taking advantage of your lunch break. Squeezing in a lunchtime spin class or a quick 5km run outside will not only mean you return to work feeling more refreshed but you are also guaranteed to warm up! Rope in some colleagues so you can motivate each other to go, and pack your bag the night before so there’s no excuses to skip it.”

Warm up

Warm up

If you’re starting a new exercise regime this autumn or winter, our advice would be to start gently and not risk overdoing it.

Instead slowly build up the amount of exercise you do and if you don’t think you could exercise for half-an-hour or one hour in one go, then break it up into 10-15 minute chunks.

Before starting exercise it is vital that you warm up and this is even more important when the weather is cold as you need to warm your muscles up.

Charlie Watson, a marathon runner and fitness junkie who runs The Runner Beans blog, said she found out about the importance of a warm up whilst attending an event held by GB athlete Eilidh Doyle.

She adds, “I really enjoyed practising running out of the starting blocks (so much harder than it looks) and learning from Eilidh what life is a like as a professional athlete. However, the thing I took away from the day for my own training was the importance of a proper warm up.

“At the start of our session, Eilidh took us through a couple of the warm up moves and drills that she incorporates into her own routine, and explained that she usually warms up for 45 minutes before a workout.”

Stay safe when exercising

Stay safe when exercising

As the days get shorter one of the most important exercise tips is to stay safe, especially for those of you that will be exercising after dark.

It is important to keep to well-lit areas and to wear bright and reflective clothing. If you can exercise with a friend, then that’s great, but if not make sure you tell someone where you’re going.

If it is icy outside, then consider exercising indoors or delaying your workout until the weather has improved.

Vary exercises to beat winter blues

Vary exercises to beat winter blues

We know that exercising is important, but Lisa from Workout Mommy says it is a great way to beat the winter blues.

“I am going to bundle up and head outside, no matter what the weather. Not only will the exercise do my body good, but the sunlight and Vitamin D will help boost my mood all day long.  My body hates being cold, so I like to layer up with quality workout wear.”

One way to keep your exercise regime exciting is to vary the exercises you do. Many gyms and studios put on special winter timetables and this offers you the chance to try a variety of different activities to help keep your exercise fresh.

Set yourself goals

Set yourself goals

One of the best exercise tips we can give you is to set yourself goals as this will give you something to aim for.

The goal could be anything from reaching a target weight to training for a marathon or another event. Whatever your aim this will focus your mind and will help you strive towards this goal and will motivate you throughout the autumn and winter months.

You can set several short-term goals and then set an ultimate aim, which will help keep you focused from day-to-day or week-to-week.

Find a gym or exercise buddy

Autumn and winter can be the perfect storm for getting out of shape. However, you won’t be the only one so ask your colleagues, friends or family members to see if they fancy going to the gym or exercising with you.

By finding an exercise partner it will encourage you to go to the gym or go for a run and you can even set each other reasonable goals to help motivate you.

Try some indoor exercises

Try some indoor exercises

If you know that you are unlikely to brave bad weather in the cold winter months, why not give exercising at home a try.

Hannah, a full-time health, fitness and foodie blogger at Hannah & Fitness, says there are lots of ways you can exercise at home.

“I’ve been working out for almost two and a half years now and I’ve only ever stepped (properly) in a gym twice. When I began my fitness journey I started with workout DVDs which then led to YouTube workouts for a fair few months and then I stumbled across Kayla Itsines Bikini Body Guide programme on Instagram.”

In terms of weight training Hannah recommends the following tips:

•You need at least a pair of Dumbbells

•Be prepared to increase your weights

•You will need an area to work out in

•Have a pair of indoor trainers