Best stress busting spa treatments

best stress busting spa treatments

It can be difficult to shrug off work or family related stress long enough to truly relax at the best of times, but throw in the pressure of being the hostess with the mostess at Christmas and the festive season can really take its toll. The stress of endless events, last-minute gift buying and a house full of hungry guests can zap the joy out of the experience and leave us feeling thoroughly glum. This year don’t let it get that way. Instead opt for a calming spa day at a Champneys resort near you for a little pick me up that will lift your spirits.

Best spa treatments for sleep

spa treatments that help sleep

When we are feeling stressed, sleep is often one of the first things affected. At one time or another we’ve all probably struggled to drop off and found ourselves awake at a ridiculous hour mulling over our to-do list . According to Michael J Breus aka The Sleep Doctor it is not uncommon for anxiety to affect your sleep in different ways:


“Anxiety causes racing thoughts, making it difficult to quiet the mind. It can contribute to heightened, intense emotions, including intrusive fear and a sense of being overwhelmed. Stress and anxiety lead to physical tension throughout the body. Under stress, the body releases more hormones—including adrenaline, cortisol, and norepinephrine—that boost energy and alertness, raise heart rate and blood pressure, and prime the body for “fight or flight.


“Along with the other symptoms of anxiety, these hormonally driven responses to stress all contribute to -difficulty falling asleep, trouble staying asleep throughout the night, waking very early, waking feeling un-rested and un-refreshed by sleep.”


A spa break could be just the ticket for a peaceful slumber.  Champneys Spa Heaven Cocoon body treatment is a full body exfoliation, accompanied with sleep-inducing foot and scalp massage. Alternatively the Champneys Head in the clouds massage concentrates on the scalp neck and shoulder and helps to alleviate tension, calming your mind for some proper rest.

Best spa treatments to improve your diet

January diet

With so many other things going on in your head, concentrating on what you are feeding yourself can feel like the least of your worries. Stress affects everyone differently and may cause you to over or under eat. At Christmas the temptation to indulge in calorific foods that require less preparation can turn your usual eating habits upside down.


To relieve the anxiety and stress that may be causing you to disconnect from your usual diet, opt for our Acupressure Alternative Treatment. This ancient Chinese treatment relieves everyday stress and helps promote good health. The 3 in 1 De- Stress Programme is also one of our alternative treatments but concentrates more on self-help techniques, and is more finely tuned to your personal needs.

Best spa treatments to improve your mood

woman stressed by presents

With the countdown to Christmas well and truly upon us, stress can mount quickly and it’s at this time of year that many people report feeling a sense of withdrawal or taking out negativity on those around them. Whether this manifests in arguments or disinterest, it can cause strain on your relationships. Taking the time out of your own stressed brain to realise that maybe your reactions are unreasonable can do wonders for maintaining relationships. According to Pip – a stress management system:


“Don’t neglect the friendships that make you feel good. Sometimes it’s important to put life on hold for a short while to nurture the relationships that keep you happy, healthy and sane in this busy world.


“Friends make us laugh – laughter is good for us. It improves mood, reduces stress and may even boost our immune system. Get together with a friend who makes you laugh and your body will thank you.”


Improve your mood with our Alternative Hot Stone Reflexology that uses the pressure points in your feet and warmed stones along your spine to rebalance, restore and revitalise your body.  If you feel like you have been frowning too much recently opt instead for the Elemis Absolute Spa Ritual Facial. Personalised to suit your skin’s needs, a deep tissue massage and nearly an hour long facial will make sure you leave smiling.