12 week transformation challenge


In March we sent out an email for a willing volunteer aspiring to lose weight and happy to work with the Fitness Team and record their weight loss journey. We offered 2-3 sessions of Personal Training a week with diet advice. Here is Jude’s success story. (click through to text below)

What was your lifestyle like prior to your transformation?

My lifestyle has not changed a lot other than before my transformation I had a lot less energy and felt very sluggish which I believe was due to poor nutrition and carrying too much weight and water.

What was your low point or turning point?

My turning point probably occurred when I found an 18 dress size was becoming too tight

Were there any unique challenges or circumstances that made your transformation particularly difficult?

I didn’t find the transformation difficult at all due to the way you helped me gain control over my eating, taking on board your suggestion that once a week I should take a more relaxed approach to my eating by having any treat that I was particularly craving. This gave me something to look forward to and allowed me to gain more control.

What was your diet/nutrition approach during your transformation?

Simply put, my nutrition approach was concentrating on eating extra protein and fewer simple carbohydrates or processed food groups and drinking lots of water.


Can you give an example of what your daily meals looks like?


An example of a daily food intake would be a protein shake for breakfast, a wholemeal bread thin for lunch with a filling of organic butter and either chicken, mackerel, salmon or egg, followed by a small peanut bar. Dinner would consist of a chicken or fish based hot meal with vegetable and sweet potato wedges/roasts or salad, occasional chicken fajitas, followed by a small handful of grapes with a little organic yogurt. Occasionally (if hungry later in the evening) a handful of dried apricots or prunes.


Please list 3 things you learned about diet & nutrition during your transformation that helped you succeed


The 30/30 rule!  the importance of eating at least 30g of protein for breakfast, opting for organic food and drinking lots of water


What are your best 3 tips for someone looking to make their own transformation?

I would suggest to someone hoping to make their own transformation that they follow a high protein, low carb diet. That they avoid soda style (fizzy) drinks. That they check ingredients in all foods and avoid anything that has been modified and not natural, especially avoiding foods advertised as being “low fat” i.e. margarines, spreads, skimmed milk.

What is your life like now that you’ve made a transformation?

My life has improved a great deal since my weight loss in that I feel much more confident, much healthier and much more energetic. I’ve recently come back from a two week holiday and it was so pleasurable being able to pack my suitcase with clothes two sizes smaller than I would have done a few months ago. I also feel that what I’ve learned nutritionally will stay with me and help me to lose a little more weight and maintain it permanently. Also one of the biggest confidence boosters is hearing people tell me how good I look, not only my physique but also telling me that my hair and skin look much healthier.

Thank you so much Craig, you’ve opened my eyes to nutrition and wellbeing and I have already been able to pass on your advice to a few of my family and friends who are also following, with success, my new eating regime.



In March we sent out an email for a willing volunteer aspiring to lose weight and happy to work with the Fitness Team and record their weight loss journey. We offered 2-3 sessions of Personal Training a week with diet advice. Here is Jayne’s success story. 

You may remember we offered club members a 12 week personal training programme for those wanting results. Here is how Jayne O’Brien did: My aim was to lose some weight and tone up.

From the outset Jack, my trainer, was very professional and friendly and I felt I was in safe hands. He was careful to set obtainable goals and take into consideration any injuries etc from the past. We worked hard, I can tell you all about DOMS, not sure if it's stiffness or soreness but probably both! He was both encouraging and fair, I felt he pushed me but with consideration for my age and fitness, a changing schedule meant I never got bored. It has been challenging but we achieved some weight loss, toning and most impressively centimetres disappeared.

As Jack pointed out at the start my weight loss would have been better through food and nutrition, sadly that evil sugar and a slowing metabolism are quite large enemies! I am very grateful to Jack for his perseverance and patience and would not hesitate to recommend him or indeed ask for his services again.