11 festival beauty tips: experts share their advice

11 festival beauty tips: experts share their advice

Festival-season is nearly upon us with the Isle of Wight Festival coming up and the Leeds and Reading Festivals in August just some of the world-class events that are taking place over the summer.

While there is no hard and fast rule to festival beauty, there are some tips that we at Champneys HQ have collated to get you through a festival as prettily as possible.


1.Wax before the festival

Wax before the festival

Alex Reynolds, who is the blogger behind Lost With Purpose, says, “Waxing is always a good bet, so long as you give yourself a recovery day between the wax and the festival (just in case). You definitely can't count on shaving at a camping festival, and waxing is a great way to keep the stubble at bay when you're dancing 'til the sunrise day after day.”

2. Get your lashes and eyebrows tinted

Get your lashes and eyebrows tinted

Going on pampering spa days just before a festival is a great suggestion as not only can you chill in a relaxing environment, you can enjoy beauty treatments in preparation for the summer festival.

Sonja, the travel and expat blogger behind Migrating Miss says getting your lashes and eyebrows tinted is something her friends often do before a festival.

“I’ve never tried it myself, but I have known friends who have a fairer complexion to get their eyebrows and lashes tinted. It means having to worry less about applying makeup!”

3. Book in a deep moisturising treatment

Book in a deep moisturising treatment

Here at Champneys, our deep moisturising treatments can refine and purify you’re skin by removing dead skin cells and getting rid of trapped oil.

Vicky, a travel blogger who runs the Vicky Flip Flop site, recommends enjoying such a treatment before your festival.

“A deep moisturising treatment would be a great idea. The festival environment is terrible for your skin with the sun, the rain, the cold and the dirt – it can dry your skin out. I'd suggest doing one before and after.”

4. Take cleanser, moisturiser and sun cream

Take cleanser, moisturiser and sun cream

Attending festivals can certainly take their toll on your skin and to help make your skin looking fresh there are a few tips.

Sonja at Migrating Miss, says, “Attending a festival can be exhausting, and it can definitely take its toll on your skin! Make sure you take along sunscreen to protect your face during the day, and facial cleansing wipes and moisturiser you can use in the evening. If you forget, do it when you wake up! I like to use a special face sunscreen, rather than just the generic kind you can use for the rest of your body.”

Vicky from Vicky Flip Flop Travels, adds, “At the most basic end of the festival beauty spectrum I'd say to make sure you have a good cleanser and moisturiser and to leave it within easy access for when you get back. Arriving home in the dark after a tiring day makes it difficult to do and find anything, so give yourself the best opportunity by making them easy to find. Face wipes are a good idea, although I find some of them too rough so make sure you look out for ones for sensitive skin. Take a travel mirror each so you and your friends can get ready together, and remember on day 3 that glitter hides a multitude of sins!”

5. Clean your face at the start or end of every day

Clean your face at the start or end of every day

Alex Reynolds from Lost With Purpose says that although its simple, cleaning your face at the start and end of every day is often forgotten about.

“Clean your face at the end—or the start—of every day! It's simple, but something easily overlooked during the madness of a multi-day festival. Since water isn't always the most accessible, bring a few packs of wet wipes with you to exfoliate your face and get rid of excess sweat, makeup, and grime each day. Your skin will appreciate it.”

6. Keep hydrated

Keep hydrated

Not only is staying hydrated vitally important for your wellbeing, but it is also essential for your skin.

One of the most common conditions seen at medical tents at summer festivals is dehydration and that’s why it’s important to guard against this.

Lost With Purpose’s Alex Reynolds agrees that staying hydrated during a festival is imperative.

“Don't forget that water is your best friend during festivals; a hydrated body is a happy body, and trust me, it'll show!”

Here are some ways you can stay hydrated:

- Take a reusable water bottle

- Sip water early and often

- Be strategic when it comes to alcoholic drinks

7. Festival makeup

Festival makeup

There’s so much excitement when it comes to festival makeup and there’s no holding back when it comes to the colours you can use.

It’s all about glitz, glam and the colours of the rainbow. With trends glitter roots or face gems, sparkle is here to stay and a top trend amongst festival goers.

There are products like Beauty Bay’s Stargazer Glitter Shaker Kit, which make it easy to apply glitter to your face.

Bronzers and cream contours are also popular festival makeup choices as you can pop them in your bags and can use them all over your body for that golden glow.

8. Use anti-bacterial hand wash

Use anti-bacterial hand wash

Anti-bacterial hand wash can be a lifesaver as it disinfects and refreshes your hands, meaning you won’t pick up any nasty germs while munching on some festival food.

Vicky from Vicky Flip Flop Travels agrees that anti-bacterial hand wash is important, “Make sure to use anti-bac hand gel so your fingers are clean before you touch your face, and baby wipes too.”

There are lots of products you can buy for a festival such as the Clinell Hand Sanitising Gel as this kills 99.999% of germs, is kinder to the skins and because it is small it can be easily packed inside your bag or pocket.

9. Use dry shampoo to sort that festival hair

Use dry shampoo to sort that festival hair

A lot of festival-goers swear by dry shampoo to keep their hair looking good at festivals. Maxine Builder at Bustle highly recommends using dry shampoo.

“The only hair product I would recommend using while you're at a festival is dry shampoo, because it is magical. I wish someone had told me about dry shampoo before I went to my first music festival.

“Most dry shampoos also come in a travel-size, which is great to pack in your day bag in case you want a mid-day touch-up. For best results, apply dry shampoo before going to sleep, so it distributes itself evenly while you toss and turn.”

10. Book in a massage after attending a festival

Book in a massage after attending a festival

Seasoned festival goers will vouch that your body may feel broken after dancing and camping for days on end, but a great way to relieve any aches and pains is to enjoy relaxing spa treatments like a massage at one of our city spas in Tunbridge Wells or Guildford.

Sonja from Migrating Miss, adds, “I’d recommend booking in a massage for when you get back from a festival. If you’re camping and not used to it then you might have some aches and pains, or just feel like a bit of TLC!”

There are a number of massages that you can enjoy at Champneys; from an aromatherapy back massage to a deep tissue massage.

11. Enjoy hand and feet treatments

Enjoy hand and feet treatments

Another treatment that you will definitely be glad of after attending a festival are hands and feet treatments.

Having walked around in wellies, hiking boots, trainers or sandals your feet will certainly be asking for a bit of tender love and fortunately there are lots of treatments you can enjoy to make your hands and feet look healthy.

At Champneys we offer treatments such as cuticle and nail shaping, filing and polish application as well as manicures and pedicures.

If you’ve been suffering from blisters or your feet have been aching from standing for most of the day you can also enjoy foot massages to really pamper yourself.

For more tips and recommendations on specific products, take a look at our top tips for the festival season.