Expert advice on relaxation

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Jo Parker, Spa Director at Champneys:

“Massage is one of the most popular treatments at our four Champneys health spas and I always put this down to the fact that it gives our guests the opportunity to switch off, be pampered and relax. Our Wellbeing Report confirms that our top methods to deal with stress are to take time to unwind followed by sleep - and massage ticks both these boxes for most people. If you want a massage but only have 10 minutes and no-one to give it to you, then try my simple tips for a hand massage and a mini-facial.

“First, remove your watch and rings wash your hands in really warm water and dry, pushing back the cuticles with the towel (this is a great tip to do every time you wash your hands) put a generous amount of cream into your palm and warm the product between your hands in a circular slow movement, placing your hands equally together as if praying open the hands over your nose and inhale the fabulous ingredients. Continue by crossing over the fingers and rubbing straight palms together repeat three times. Now move onto the top of the hand, an area prone to show signs of ageing. Again use slow circular movements with the palm of your hand on the back of the other. Then move up the fingers with circular thumb movements finishing on the nail. For an intense treatment apply at night and sleep in cotton gloves.

For a mini-facial, put the children to bed, shut the door, dim the lights or light a beautiful fragrant candle. Remove your make-up and place a hot flannel over your face just for a few seconds and breathe deeply and slowly. Using your favourite Champneys night cream apply a generous amount into your hands and warm together. Starting on your chest with both hands, one after the other slowly move up your neck up the left side of the face over the cheekbone, repeat several times and then repeat on the right side. Using the palms of your hand sweep across your forehead. With your eyes closed, circle around your eyes finishing with a gentle but firm pressure on your temples – feel the tension slip away and enjoy a lovely night’s sleep.”

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