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Amanda Hamilton, Nutritionist:

“These days in countries where there’s an abundance of food, we’ve become used to constant grazing but go back in history and you’ll see that typically we went for extended periods without eating. Whether you are a fan of the 5:2 diet, juice fasting or the 16/8 version, intermittent fasting provides a natural high, an inner boost that works with our body, not against it so your wellbeing is improved both inside and out. I've been working with fasting for more than a decade and for Brits who want to lose weight, recharge and learn how nutrition can help them manage stress better, a fasting-based retreat is safe and effective approach. One of the amazing proven side-effects of fasting is that it’s anti-ageing at a cellular level which is the only place that really counts. In essence, fasting gives your body a break and a chance to catch up on its inner to-do list.”

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Becki Douglas, Senior Nutritionist at Champneys:

“We all have to constantly manage our weight and it can seem like modern life is never on our side in this conquest. Many guests that we encounter at Champneys are overweight, run down and stressed out but fail to see that their quick fix and ‘convenient’ food and drink choices are actually working against them. We have a huge reliance on refined, processed carbohydrates and stimulants which may provide a temporary ‘pick me up’ but in the long run are false economy, causing spikes in our blood sugar level which leaves us tired, moody and even more hungry. At the same time these nutritionally depleted foods actually drain our bodies of vital nutrients that we need to help control our appetite. So we end up consuming a poor diet of unsatisfying calorific foods that do our weight no good at all.

“Starting with a good breakfast is vital. Avoid sugary breakfast cereals and try things like porridge with fruit and seeds or smoked salmon and scrambled eggs with spinach. Continue then and eat regular moderated portions of nutrient dense meals comprised of lean proteins, high fibre whole grains and lots of vegetables and fruit with healthy snacks in between. Keep hydrated with plenty of water, diluted juices and herbal and fruit teas and these few simple steps will not only have a huge positive effect on weight but also on energy levels and stress management."

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Miguel Toribio-Mateas, Chair of BANT (British Association for Applied Nutrition and Nutritional Therapy), says: "It is vital that we don’t let things go downhill after breakfast. Eating the right things at the right times throughout the day will help to keep your metabolism working well and promote healthy weight loss that you will not put back on again."