Expert advice on fitness

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Louise Day, Champneys Wellbeing Director:

“Exercise releases endorphins – our feel good hormones that relax the brain and muscles. Exercise also gets the blood pumping to get that much needed energy boost. Get up and move every chance you have even if it’s just walking round in circles on the phone, choosing the stairs each day or five minutes of stretching to provide an energy boast. If you can’t get to the gym why not get out and walk or bike in the fresh air and sunlight? The outdoors environment helps to recharge your batteries and sunlight to suppress the production of melatonin which helps control your natural sleep cycles. Above all take time out! We work the longest hours in Europe. If your life is just one big rush, stop for a minute. It’s not about living at a snail’s pace but it’s about a balance. Why not try yoga and /or meditation to quieten the mind and relax the body or find a hobby or pastime to do the same and hang out with upbeat friends laugh and have fun.”

Justin Edwards, Fitness Manager at Champneys:

“One in six (16.3%) of us see the main benefit of exercise as helping to relieve stress. My top tips for fitting exercise into a busy day are: walk as much as you can to both exercise your body and let your mind clear itself – every step counts so walk don’t email, use the stairs not the escalator, park further away and generally try to be more active in your everyday life. There are also plenty of exercises you can do at home to suit all fitness levels, from high intensity insanity workouts to Yoga and Pilates, all you need is your own body and some determination! Yoga and Pilates on a regular basis will really help improve your key postural muscles such as your hamstrings, glutes and abdominals. By improving the strength of these muscles you will not only improve your standing and seated posture, but also greatly reduce the risk of injuries. You could also consider using a stability ball to sit on at home or at work to help train those muscles while you are doing some of your day to day tasks.”

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