Expert advice on energy

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Caroline Shola, Humanistic psychologist, yoga teacher, wellness coach and author from Energy 4 Life:

“We live in times where stress is at an all-time high. Stress can leave you feeling tired, wound up and low in energy. Learning to manage personal energy is the key to creating a high energy life, full of vitality. Whenever you are feeling low, reach for H20. Here are three simple tools you can use to reduce stress and re-vitalise your energy anytime and anywhere:

  1. Breathe and relax – Stop whatever you are doing for a couple of minutes to slow down and focus on your breath for two minutes: this will re-oxygenate your system creating calm and greater clarity. I recommend doing this once in every hour.

  2. Get out of your head and into your body - Take a moment to stretch, rotate your shoulders to re-lease tightness, take a walk, climb the stairs, stretch your feet and your toes which massages all the reflexes in your body.

  3. Lavender - A few drops of lavender essential oil can be gently massaged into your temples and the nape of your neck to help you relax and reduce tension, fatigue and headaches."


“Boosting your energy is all about eating the right type and amount of food, exercising regularly, getting sufficient sleep and relaxation time. Start the day with a healthy breakfast to jump start your metabolism such as porridge or poached eggs and a slice of toast which includes protein and slow releasing carbohydrates. Eat smaller regular meals, making healthier food choices and avoiding the junk food vital for blood sugar balance and constant energy supply. Stay hydrated with water and get active."

Tim Bean, Executive Longevity Specialist, Institute of Physique Management:

“My advice when you’re looking to manage your wellbeing is to start by cutting out stimulants like caffeine and sugar during the day – don’t buy energy in a cup. By not working out and taking exercise, you are making it harder for your body and mind to respond to stress: invest in your energy levels for 30 – 40 minutes by doing some exercise and you will also have given yourself some time out to refresh your mind. Try and cut out alcohol during the week so that your sleep will be better and if you sleep well, your wellbeing levels will improve.”