Wellbeing Report

Welcome to the inaugural edition of the Champneys Wellbeing Report. As the first UK health spa group, we feel that we have a unique insight into what people are looking for when it comes to their wellbeing (to say nothing of the experience and expertise necessary to deliver it!).

The growing popularity of Champneys fitness, weight management, relaxation and mind/body/soul treatments and breaks over the last few years has proved to us that complete wellbeing is becoming increasingly important to the British public. Where rampant consumerism once ruled when it came to making us feel better about our lives, we have witnessed a tidal wave of enthusiasm for making the best of yourself take its place.

With the 90th anniversary of Champneys the health spa coming up in 2015, we felt the time was right to start taking the nation’s wellbeing temperature: the results have in turn surprised and saddened us.

We hope that by reading on, you will not only be able to judge your wellbeing levels against those of the 2,000+ people we surveyed but that you will be motivated to make some small changes to your lifestyle to improve your complete wellbeing.

Louise Day, Wellbeing Director at Champneys

The research for Champneys the health spa was carried out by Opinion Matters between 8 – 15.10.13 with a sample of 2,043 respondents.


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