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Waxing - Bikini

  For the removal of hair along the bikini line. Price £20.00   Duration 15 minutes
From £20.00

Waxing - Full Leg

 For full leg hair removal. Price £40.00   Duration 45 minutes  
From £40.00

Waxing - Half Leg

For half leg hair removal.  Price £30.00   Duration 25 minutes
From £30.00

Waxing - Under Arm

For removing under arm hair. Price £15.00   Duration 15 minutes
From £15.00

Elemis Skin IQ Facial

Prescribed to protect against the harsh, ageing effects of shaving and environmental damage, this is...
From £95.00

Executive Foot Care For Men

Using natural extracts and botanicals to create a perfect pedicure protecting the feet from common...
From £35.00

Executive Hand / Nail Grooming For Men

Includes nail analysis, nourishing preparations to re-condition, groom and make hands look fresh, healthy...
From £35.00

Champneys Men's Grooming Experience

85 minutes of pampering heaven. Enjoy our menu of treatments carefully selected to polish, buff, relax,...
From £85.00

Carita Cinetic™ Lift Expert L’Homme Ideal

Ultra-purifying care. This facial, exclusively designed for men, delivers high performance products...
From £115.00

Art of Swimming Lessons with Alexander Technique - Swim Check

Learn how to improve your stroke, breathing and alignment using a unique approach based on Alexander...
From £35.00