Spiritual Healing

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Spiritual Healing is a simple, safe and supportive energy therapy that aims to bring balance to the mind/body and soul, as well as stimulate the body’s own natural healing ability. It is a completely natural process and is complementary to all forms of treatment as it is non invasive. The Healer links to the healing energy in a method called ‘attunement’ and is a channel through which the healing energy flows to the person. Healers work with their hands at a short distance from the body, or sometimes with a light touch. Healing can help with a wide range of conditions and sometimes to a remarkable degree. It is deeply relaxing and can help to release at a profound level enabling your body heal at its own pace and in its own way. Most people experience a variety of sensations from warmth or coolness, tingling or pain coming to the surface (and dispersing) as the energy goes to work. There may be times when you experience an emotional release as part of the healing process.

This service is only available at Tring and Forest Mere.

Price £69.00   Duration 55 minutes

Please email treatments@champneys.com to book. Online booking is not available for this service due to limited availability.

We do not recommend this treatment if the following applies:

Limited availability