Food and Mood MOT

Biological Age Test 600x 300

Does your mood affect your eating habits? In times of stress do you turn to the biscuit tin or a bottle of wine or perhaps not eat at all? Do you suffer with depression? Food can play a big part in the way we feel. Unfortunately the food we often choose to lift our mood give us a quick boost but then make us feel down again as the effects wear off. Here you will find out more about why these foods affect your mood and how introducing good mood foods can improve your outlook, general health and wellbeing.

During the consultation a full case history will be taken, plus a vitamin and mineral check and mini food sensitivity test performed to highlight dietary elements that may be aggravating your symptoms and things that could help improve them.

Price £75.00   Duration 55 minutes


Tring - Mondays 9.30-3.30pm, Wednesdays 9.30-2.30 and Fridays 10am -4pm 
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