Coeliac Disease Indication Consultation

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Coeliac Disease is an auto-immune condition where the body's immune system produces an antibody to gluten, which is associated with serious health problems.

Champneys offer a test which detects the antibodies that occur in some people with Coeliac Disease. It is essential to include gluten containing products for at least 6 weeks prior to your test.

Champneys recommend that all test results must be followed up by an appointment with your doctor, to enable a diagnosis. There is no treatment for Coeliac Disease apart from a life long gluten free diet.

Not all people with Coeliac Disease produce a positive antibody test and we recommend that all people who think they might be coeliac or sensitive to gluten receive a full diagnosis from their doctor.

For more information on coeliac disease, please contact the UK's coeliac charity on

Price £45.00   Duration 30 minutes

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