Eyelash Extensions Top Up Application

Eyelash Extensions 600x 300

Due to the natural cycle of lashes, top ups are recommended to maintain the perfect look after you have had the full set applied - approximately every three weeks. Alternatively you can just have some lashes added to the outer edge of your eye to give you a wide awake, sexy look. To ensure your Lashes are long lasting and stay beautiful proper care and maintenance are required please note for the first two hours after the treatment do not allow water to contact the lashes and for two days after do not steam your face, use a steam room or sauna, swim or wash your face with hot water. 

This treatment is available at all resorts.

Place £39.00   Duration 25 minutes

Please email treatments@champneys.com to book. Online booking is not available for this service due to limited availability.

We do not recommend this treatment if the following applies:

Cold sores/skin infections/eye infections