The anti-ageing specialist based on cutting-edge, avant-garde technology, CARITA represents unostentatious glamour marked by refinement and sophistication, which is subtly found in unique and scientifically endorsed product formulations and in the tailor-made luxurious treatments offered at Champneys. Carita is only available at Champneys Tring. 

Carita Cinetic Lift & Sculpt for Eyes

With a Fusion of Plants and Diamonds to rejuvenate the eyes A powerful express treatment to lift  the...
From £49.00

Carita Elite Skincare Holistic Facial

These hands-on treatments blend Swedish and lymphatic massage techniques with Carita's famous anti-ageing...
From £79.00

Carita Cinetic Lift Expert Booster

A booster facial treatment which is perfect to enhance results, re-awakening the lift and spectacular...
From £79.00

Carita Cinetic Lift Expert Facial

The alternative to cosmetic surgery and the exclusive combination of Micro-currents, Ultrasound and...
From £119.00