Osteopathic De-stress Treatment

Osteopathic De -stress Treatment 600x 300

This is a unique de-stress treatment using osteopathic principles and works directly on the often overlooked physical symptoms of stress. When stressed, the body strives to increase its intake of oxygen by altering the way it breathes. This means that instead of solely relying on the diaphragm and the elastic recoil of the thorax, it starts to engage the accessory muscles of breathing in the neck and shoulders. This means that instead of allowing the diaphragm to descend and draw air into the lungs, the body is forcibly dragging the ribs into elevation to pull air in. As stress becomes more chronic, these muscles increase in tone, which actually reduces the effectiveness of the diaphragm and works against thoracic recoil. This can effect everything from mood to posture and also explains why stress often causes neck and shoulder pain, as well as more insidious symptoms such as headaches, dizziness and hyperventilation and anxiety. The treatment itself combines head, neck and shoulder massage to address and ease muscle tension, gentle manipulation to the all the joints in the upper thorax to ensure freedom of movement in the spine and the ribs. It also can involve giving the patient simple but effective breathing techniques and home exercises.

This treatment is only available at Tring.

Price £99.00    Duration 55 minutes

Appointments are available on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays.