Ionithermie Express

Interslimand Vibro 600x 300

Anti-cellulite, contouring and firming body treatment. The treatment offers tried and tested targeted slimming treatments to help reduce cellulite, sculpt, firm and tone the body. Using intensive marine masks with fat busting properties combined with our Ionithermie machine that gently helps break down fat and improve muscle tone.

This unique treatment allows you to choose one of the four key areas of concern:

Hip and thigh sculpt - for slimmer hips and smoother, sleeker thighs.
Cheek lift - designed to trim, lift and tone the buttocks.
Tummy trim - targets soft fat and loss of tone around the tummy making it tighter, more sculpted and flatter.
Arm and tummy trim - firmer, more toned triceps and tighter abdominal muscles for a flatter stomach.

This treatment is for those wanting a fast, effective treatment with guaranteed results, to reduce the appearance of cellulite and to slim, firm and tone the body. While the results are noticeable after one treatment we recommend a course of treatments combined with the Ionithermie home care products to enhance and prolong the results.

Price £79.00    Duration 55 minutes

We do not recommend this treatment if the following applies:

High/low blood pressure Cancer during active treatment Circulatory problems Claustrophobia Diabetes Epilepsy Heart conditions Metal pins & plates Pregnancy Over & under active thyroid Thrombosis Varicose veins/stroke