Detox & Wellbeing

Our Detox and Wellbeing Centre at Champneys Tring is the first of its kind in the UK and launched in celebration of our 90th anniversary. Offering a range of water-based personalised treatments in a smart, ultra-modern purpose-built environment; this revolutionary hub has been designed to renew and reinvigorate.

Using the recuperative qualities of seawater, algae and marine minerals, our treatments have been carefully selected for their stimulating, cleansing effects on both the body and mind. By harnessing the richness of the sea, you will feel the benefits of its revitalising and rebalancing properties – vital components of health and wellbeing. 

Please note: These treatments are only available at Champneys Tring. 

Detox & Wellbeing Ritual

Step inside our haven of tranquillity to refine, relax and tone. Slow things down, take a step back...
From £69.00

Dry Floatation

Indulge yourself. Float in a light spacious ambience of inner peace to enhance the senses, warm, uplift...
From £45.00

Frigi-Thalgo Leg Wrap

An intensive anti-cellulite treatment encouraging the elimination of toxins and excess fluid. Highly...
From £45.00

Hydrotherapy Bath

Invigorating underwater massage, water jets will encourage lymph drainage, boost circulation and aid...
From £45.00

iPulse Slimming Solution

Develops toned muscles, burns calories and eliminates toxins. Its active ingredients penetrate cells...
From £59.00

Mineral G Detox

A rapid detox that features algae and a refreshing blend of stimulating essential oils. This dry floatation is...
From £69.00

Neo Qui Vibrating Plate

Helps eliminate toxins whilst relieving stress tension and increasing blood circulation. Its Vichy shower emulates...
From £45.00


Detoxifying boots that help remove toxins at a cellular level. Ideal for varicose veins,compacted cellulite,...
From £45.00
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