Virtual Gastric Band Hypnotherapy

Hpynotherapy 600x 300

Have you tried every diet to get control over your weight? Are you considering surgery for stapling, banding or a stomach bypass operation? Our hypnotherapist has incorporated a treatment devised to work through Clinical Hypnotherapy to achieve understanding of why we eat what we do and how we feel about ourselves on an emotional level linked to eating. More and more people are turning towards invasive major surgery, without considering the side effects. By having surgery without having an insight as to the real emotional reasons of over eating and to help heal them, often the same cravings are still remaining after surgery causing food regurgitation, heart burn and stomach pains after meals. This treatment has been devised, firstly to look and discover feelings towards over eating, cravings and comfort eating. When the client sees more clearly as to why they eat I then, proceed to work on the sub conscious mind to create the stomach to feel smaller, and fuller on less amounts of food. This treatment concentrates on re-patterning the mind and motivate the body and appetite to desire healthy and nutritious foods and liquids. Helping the sub conscious to boost the body’s natural metabolism, thereby creating steady weight loss and maintenance at a healthy level for the body. A course of 3 treatments is required which is spread over 3 x 55 mins sessions.

This treatment is only available at Tring and Forest Mere.

Price £89.00   Duration 55 minutes

Please email to book. Online booking is not available for this service due to limited availability.