Personal Style and Image Consultation

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Have you ever opened your wardrobe to see lots of clothes but feel you have nothing to wear? Well we can offer you an individual consultation and image assessment which will give you the skills and information required to develop your personal style and presentation. Having the knowledge of knowing what really suits you will help you to look good no matter what your age, size etc. To reap maximum benefits, we advise that you bring along with you a few items of clothing – some that you love and others that you find difficult to wear or maybe have never worn. The consultant will be able to guide you on your current wardrobe and future purchases. When you know you look good, then you instantly feel good too!

This service is available at Tring and Springs.

Price from £100.00 at Springs   Duration 55 minutes
Price from £145.00 at Tring   Duration 85 minutes

Please email to book. Online booking is not available for this service due to limited availability.