Infrared Therapy

Infrared Therapy 600x 300

Infrared Therapy (IR) is a targeted deep heat treatment with complete user control that warms the blood vessels in the back, the point at which this heat can be most effectively transmitted to the blood and absorbed by the entire body via the circulatory system. It can help to soothe and relieve stressed muscles, joint pain and stiffness including back pain and rheumatic disorders. The deep but comfortable penetrating infrared heat also stimulates the sweat glands and helps trigger fat burning causing the toxins to be released detoxifying the body 5-6 times the rate of a conventional sauna. Enhanced feelings of wellbeing, mood and energy levels can also be experienced. Clients with the following medical conditions are not able to use the Infra Red Acute Infections and inflammations Fresh Injuries Thrombosis Drug and Alcohol Intoxication After sunbathing or after using the solarium (snubbed) Recent scarred tissue must be covered if directly exposed (on back or neck) Recent acute injury Pregnancy Epilepsy Haemophiliacs.

This treatment is only available at Tring and Henlow

Price £19.00   Duration 25 minutes

Please call 0843 316 2222 to book. Online booking is not available for this service due to limited availability.

We do not recommend this treatment if the following applies:

High/low blood pressure Circulatory problems Claustrophobia Epilepsy Heart conditions Pregnancy Cold sores/skin infections/eye infections