Heart Rehab & Prevention Specialists

Welcome to the healthyheart team. We are a multidisciplinary team of experienced cardiac health professionals offering a unique, private cardiac rehabilitation and prevention programme to patients with existing heart problems (heart attack, heart surgery, stents, stable angina, heart failure) and to those people at risk of heart disease. Our friendly healthyheart team can help optimise your recovery and improve your confidence after a heart problem, or reduce your risk of heart disease.

The programme takes place at Champneys Tring and offers 1:1 support from all members of our team: cardiac nurse, dietitian, physiotherapist, exercise therapist, BACPR* exercise instructor, occupational therapist, pharmacist and cognitive behaviour therapist. We can help with diet, exercise, stress, understanding your diagnosis / medication and changing your lifestyle to improve your long term health. 

Please go to our Specialist Retreat breaks page for programme dates and information.

You can also visit healthyheart.co.uk, email info@healthyheart.co.uk or call 01442 864200.

* British Association of Cardiac Prevention and Rehabilitation

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