Using the latest techniques and lifestyle advice, our Chartered Physiotherapists can help restore your movement, function and help with pain relief if you've been affected by an injury, illness or recovering from an operation. Taking a personal approach to care, your assessment and treatment sessions will be carried out in a relaxed and empathetic environment and diagnosis, education and support will be given. Our Chartered Physiotherapists are able to treat a plethora of conditions including:

• Headaches
• Back and neck pain
• Joint problems
• Muscle, ligament and tendon injuries
• Pre and post operative rehabilitation
• Posture and muscle imbalances
•Pre and post natal problems
• Sports injuries
• Relaxation

Price £90.00    Duration 55 minutes  BOOK HERE

Price £45.00    Duration 25 minutes  BOOK HERE

These medical services can be booked as a one-off assessment or treatment, as an in or out patient or as part of a resort stay package. Please read contra indications before booking. 

If you would like to discuss our medical services or book as an outpatient please contact: / 01442 291319