Healthy Heart

Cardiovascular disease is the biggest killer in the UK and in the early stages there may be no symptoms or warning signs.  We recommend our health checks if you are over forty years of age to help identify whether you are at a high risk of heart attack or stroke and offer practical advice as to how to reduce your risk through positive lifestyle changes.

Your personalised healthy heart programme could include:

Medical Consultation

Nutritional Screening

Cholesterol Screening

Glucose Screening

Healthy Heart Assessment

Healthyheart Rehab and Prevention programme

Cholesterol Screening A fasting blood test is the best way to find out your total cholesterol levels and also to look at the... Read more

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Healthy Heart Assessment This comprehensive assessment will evaluate and identify conditions such as high blood pressure, high... Read more

Medical Consultation Having an assessment and physical examination by our Doctor will help tell if are at risk of developing... Read more

Nutritional-Screening What you eat has a profound effect on some of the key risk factors for heart disease, including: raised... Read more