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Champneys Wellwoman & Wellman Screening

With today’s hectic and stressful lifestyles, keeping yourself fit and healthy has become more difficult, so Champneys WellMan and WellWoman Screening gives you a full body MOT to put your mind at ease. The comprehensive checks will be conducted by a nurse and results will be analysed and a full report with lifestyle recommendations will be provided by our Doctor.

What's included?

• A full medical history & lifestyle questionnaire
• Medical examination, consultation & opportunity to discuss concerns
• Blood pressure & pulse 
• Height, weight, BMI or body composition & metabolic rate calculation
• Urine analysis
• Bloods for anaemia, kidney and liver health, diabetes screen, thyroid function, cholesterol and iron
• Prostate and testicular health advice for men
• Breast awareness advice for women
• Lung function tests
• Cardiovascular health assessment
• Personal health report
• Action plan/practical advice to reduce health risks

Duration 55 minutes Price £249


Please call 0843 316 2222 to book. Online booking is not available for this service due to limited availability.

These medical services can be booked as a one-off assessment or treatment, as an in or out patient or as part of a resort stay package. If you would like to discuss our medical services or book as an outpatient please contact: / 01442 291319

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