Private Health Screening

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At Champneys we can help you proactively manage your health and wellbeing. Our professionals can help you develop an individually tailored health plan based on specific risk factors indicated by your lifestyle such as time of life, social and family history in order for you to take control of your health. Having regular checkups will identify if there are any medical problems – the earlier these are identified, the greater chance there is of a cure or minimising the impact on your health.

A range of medicals are offered whether for a specific concern you may have or for a comprehensive general checkup. Where appropriate, tests are conducted over two visits so that all results are back when you see the doctor who will then go through any current issues with you and create a unique 10-year health plan bespoke to your needs.

If you would like to discuss our medical services for your stay or book as an outpatient please contact / 01442 291319

Well Man/Well Woman Health Screening

Cardiovascular Health

Core Health Screening


Fatigue & Tiredness

Mature Health 

Skin Health



Male Libido Health 

Prostate health

Healthy Sleeping

Breast Health

Thyroid Review

Unexplained Weight Gain

Cancellation policy

Cancellation fees for patients who do not attend or cancel their appointment with less than 4 hours notice will be 20% of the medical fee or a minimum of £25.