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Whichever diet you choose, the truth is, it’s only ever giving you half the story. The vital ingredient missing is accurate information about how your body behaves and how your lifestyle affects it. 

Champneys in association with Ki Performance has developed a personalised 6-week online weight management programme using Ki Armband, the world’s most accurate body monitor. No myths, no dieting just accurate information in real time about the calories you consume, and how many calories your body is able to burn.

Each user receives:

  • A welcome pack to get you started
  • A Ki Armband that reads activity levels, steps taken, calories and sleep efficiency/patterns 24 hours a day
  • Weekly personalised reports and support from our experts who analyse your data to help guarantee your success
  • Themed fact sheets, tips, recipes and resources to motivate and inspire you each week
  • 24/7 access to forums where you can ask questions and share your experiences and progress with others

This virtual weight loss boot camp will show you just how unique your body is, therefore helps you make the right choices, making it easier to achieve your goals.

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