There is a direct connection between the fiscal health of a business and the physical health of its leaders.

Organisations that place a high value on the individual, and show a genuine commitment to the wellbeing and longevity of their most senior managers, not only benefit from a dynamic and progressive leadership team, but also from enhanced corporate strength and brand.

In corporate terms, the health and longevity of your top talent becomes a shared responsibility. As greater pressures fall upon fewer shoulders, the demands on an individual become even higher and the risk of burn-out, chronic illness or a serious medical event becomes ever more real. The cost to a company can be enormous, not just financially, but in lost experience, loss of traction and even internal and external brand confidence.

In many cases a programme of pro-active education and engagement, targeted and comprehensive screening, and regular on-going assessments can help with detecting possible issues and prevent more serious problems at an early stage.

An organisation taking positive action in creating a more resilient leadership team is not only investing in the strength and health of the business, but in the lives and lifestyles of the individuals as well. 

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