New Hair Salon at Springs


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We're excited to announce that Champneys Springs has a new hair salon open to the public, run by Richard Antony Hairdressing.

Claire Sweeney and John Thomson were one of the first to visit our new salon, with Claire receiving a lesson from Richard on how to do a cut throat shave! 

“I love staying at Champneys and am always up for learning new skills so i leapt at the chance to learn how to do a proper shave on John. As an old friend and being on tour with me in a two-hander play means that he trusts me completely and thank goodness I managed to repay his trust by shaving him perfectly with the help of Richard” explains Claire.

Claire Sweeney and John Thomson are currently on tour starring in John Godber’s September in the Rain.

For a list of hairdressing services and prices view price list.

To book an appointment, please call the salon directly on 01530 279627.

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