What does your question relate to?

Booking Online

When I search for breaks for 3 or more guests it keeps saying no availability. Can I still book online?

Yes. Our system is only able to check for availability for a maximum of 2 people at a time, so please search for 2 people first, select break and add to your basket. Then click Champneys logo from within the booking system and you can repeat the process and add additional guests/rooms.

I can't seem to book more than two people onto a spa day / stay at a Champneys resort. How can I do this?

Unfortunately due to the limitations of our booking system, you can only book two people at a time. If for example you wish to book 4 people, please add the first 2 to your basket and then repeat the process. You will then be able to make one payment for all 4 guests.

I'm having trouble creating an account. It says I already have one, yet won't send me a new password.

You may have a duplicate account, which means the system is unable to confirm the correct email address to send the new password to. Please call our Reservations team on 0843 316 22 22 who will be able to resolve this and reset your password for you.

When I try to make a booking it says transaction declined, yet I'm sure I have sufficient funds in my account, what should I do?

Please make sure you are entering your billing address and account details exactly the same as they are recorded with your bank (including spelling and grammar). If you encounter this problem multiple times, please call our Reservations team on 0843 316 22 22 who can take your booking over the phone. We are currently investigating a technical issue which affects a small percentage of our customers.

Can I book the treatments included in my spa package online?

Sorry no. Your inclusive treatments will be booked in for you by our spa scheduling team. This is so we can ensure we fill our therapists appointment schedules efficiently so we can accommodate as many guests as possible. You will receive an email confirming your treatment booking, closer to you arrival date. If you wish to book additional treatments, this can be done online and we encourage you to book in advance, as unfortunately we don't always have spaces on the day.

Can I book just a treatment?

At our resorts, you can only book a treatment if you have already booked a spa day or a stay. At our high street day spas, you can book just treatments.

Can I book fitness classes online?

No, these can only be booked whilst you are in resort. You may book classes in advance however there is a £3 charge to reserve your place.

Champneys Boot Camps

What time do I need to arrive?

For the 2 night, 4 night and 7 night Boot Camp breaks the arrival time is 11am. With a welcome reception and introduction to the camp at 12pm and the first lunch together at 1pm. If you have any problems arriving for this time please let us know in advance.

What clothes will I need?

You will be doing a lot of exercise so we suggest you bring plenty of clothes. We also recommend you bring some waterproof clothing as many of your activities will be outside and unfortunately we cannot control the weather! You will need at least two pairs of trainers one for indoor and one for outdoor use. For a suggested list of clothing please read the 'What's on the kit list?' question.

What’s on the kit list?

Below is a suggested kit list for your Boot Camp stay/day. Please be aware that activities do take place outdoors in all weather. Proper footwear is essential otherwise you will not be able to take part in the activities. Outdoors: gloves, warm hat/ sun hat, waterproofs. General wear: tracksuit bottoms/ tops, shorts, fleece, sweatshirts, t-shirts, swimwear, socks. Footwear - (please ensure footwear is broken in) indoor trainers, outdoor trainers, walking boots. Underwear: sports bras, thermal underwear. Miscellaneous: toiletries, blister plasters, sunscreen, camera.

What if I feel my fitness is not good enough?

Do not worry. The Boot Camp packages have been designed to suit all levels of fitness, shapes and sizes.

Will we be eating together and where will this be?

Yes. Everyone will eat together, including the instructors or a nutritionist who will be there to guide you and offer advice on how to maintain good eating habits when you are at home.

How intense are the Boot Camp packages?

The instructors are there to help encourage, motivate and support everyone to achieve their best. We want to push you to your maximum ability and help you achieve the results you want, we also want you to enjoy yourselves and leave the camp feeling rejuvenated and motivated. The programme is designed so everyone can get the most out of it, and there are plenty of options for all abilities.

Are we obligated to join in everything. What if we are too tired and can't do anymore?

Obviously, we hope this won't happen and are confident that with the programme and the team spirit you will all enjoy the week and look forward to the challenge. Having said that, everyone will be treated as an individual and different circumstances will be taken into consideration. It is important to keep communicating with the team and the instructors to avoid this happening.

Will there be much free time for spa treatments, calling home etc?

There will be little free time available during the day due to the intensity of the programme. However you do have some treatments included in your stay/day to help soothe those muscles after a day's exercise.

Champneys Day Spas

When do you recommend I book my treatments?

At our Day Spas, peak hours are often late afternoons and weekends, especially Saturdays, so book as far in advance as possible in order to ensure getting the particular time, day, and therapist you prefer. It's easiest to accommodate you during off-peak hours, which are typically in the mornings and mid-week. If you have a gift certificate, it is a good idea to mention it so that the spa can advise you of any policy that may affect its use.

Can I choose a therapist?

If you have a preferred therapist please feel free to request that person.

Should I arrive earlier than my treatment time?

We recommend you arrive at least 5 minutes prior to your appointment. If you are late, your treatment time cannot be extended beyond the original booking finish time, as the treatment room and therapist are generally booked after your session.

Do I need to fill in a questionnaire?

If this is your first visit to a Champneys Day Spa let the receptionist know when you arrive. First-time guests will be asked to complete a questionnaire to provide the spa with medical and contact information. This is another reason to arrive early.

Will I be shown around the spa?

On arrival at the spa please ask for a tour prior to your treatment.

What should I wear?

Most people come to a Day Spa in casual attire, something they can easily slip off. If coming for a St Tropez spray tan remember to wear dark loose-fit clothing, and if you are having a pedicure, flip flops are a good idea.

Can I ask the therapist to adapt the treatment?

All aspects of treatment can usually be modified to your taste: amount of light, kind of music (if any), room temperature and whether or not you choose to have a conversation or enjoy the treatment in silence. If you want the therapist to massage harder or be gentler, let them know. Also, feel free to ask questions. Your therapist will appreciate knowing your thoughts and clarifying any issues you may have.

If I have a medical condition should I mention it to anyone?

If you have any type of medical condition be sure to mention it when you book an appointment. Certain treatments may not be advisable for you. Also, before your treatment begins let your therapist know of any medical concerns.

Do I at any point have to remove all of my clothes in front of anyone?

It's never required that you are unclothed in front of anyone. Our therapists will leave the treatment room while you get under the sheet on the massage table, and they keep you covered at all times except for the area of the body they are massaging. They also leave the treatment room before you get up from the treatment bed.

Should I eat before a treatment?

Try not to eat for at least an hour before a treatment, and avoid the consumption of alcohol on the day of a treatment. Drink plenty of water before and after.

Can I use my mobile?

A visit to a Champneys Day Spa is a tranquil and stress-reducing experience, therefore it is best to leave mobile phones at home or turn them off before entering the spa.

Are children allowed?

During your time with us we want to concentrate on you. If you do need to bring children, please make sure there is another person on hand to look after them so that we can look after you.

Do I have to remove all jewellery?

If possible, leave your jewellery at home. If you choose to take them with you to your treatment, remember not to leave them behind.

What happens if I need to cancel my appointment?

If you must cancel an appointment please give the spa as much advance notice as possible. At least 24 hours notice is required to avoid being charged. This gives the spa enough time to fill the slot.

Do Champneys Day Spas have their own parking facilities?

We don’t have our own parking facilities however all are within walking distance from a public car park.

Do I need to have a patch test prior to any treatments?

You will need to have a patch test 24 hours prior to eyelash or eyebrow tinting, St Tropez and Mama Mio Bootcamp treatments. The patch tests can be done at any time prior to the 24 hours, appointments for patch tests are not needed.

Are there any age restrictions?

We are able to offer treatments (excluding waxing) to 14-16 year olds. A parent/guardian must be present in the room/station at all times and must sign the consultation form on their behalf.

Champneys Fitness

What fitness facilities/ activities do you have?

All the resorts have a state of the art gym, a 25 metre swimming pool and a full schedule of fitness activities and classes, ranging from Pilates through to indoor cycling.

What do I wear?

If you wish to visit the gym or attend fitness and relaxation classes we suggest bringing exercise clothing plus two pairs of trainers; one for indoors and one for outdoors. It is also a good idea to bring more than one swimsuit so you can change into a dry one after your swim.

Can I book them in advance?

Yes. Guarantee your place in your favourite class by pre-booking online, by phone or at the Wellbeing and Fitness desk up to the day before the class. Booking fee is £3 per class for residential and day guests. Classes can be booked free of charge on the day subject to availability. Cancellation on the day and no show will result in a £3 charge per class for residential and day guests. For club members' booking terms and conditions please see the members’ zone or Wellbeing and Fitness desk.

Do I need to do a whole class?

Yes. The classes are designed to offer you a complete safe workout with a warm up and cool down to ensure you don’t suffer any injury.

Champneys Food

Do you cater for special dietary requirements?

With advanced notice we cater for all dietary needs. For Kosher food 21 days’ notice is required, a supplement will be charged.

What kind of meals do you provide?

Delicious, fresh and nutritious! Our chefs create good wholesome meals high in fibre and low in saturated fats, salts and sugar. Breakfast and lunch are buffet style, while dinner is a three course meal. Healthy snacks are available from the coffee bars during the day.

Is alcohol available?

Based on a review of current research, Champneys position on alcohol is that moderate alcohol consumption may well help many people live longer, healthier lives, but that excessive drinking can lead to health problems. At Champneys, our goal is to bring our lifestyle, our programmes, and our philosophy into everyday living; alcohol in moderation will be part of that for many residents and day guests. Alcohol is served at the following times: Room Service – Wine & Champagne from 12pm-10.30pm. Lunch – only a glass of celebratory champagne at the table. No wine. Dinner - No wine pre-dinner. Wine & Champagne at the table. Glasses can be taken from the table after dinner. No bottles. Private receptions – Wine & Champagne and other drinks can be served. Subject to the General Managers/Operations, rule of thumb 8pm until 10.30pm. Please note our Champneys resorts are designed to be environments in which guests can begin to change their habits in just a few days. Designed to place people in a new context, they are encouraged and motivated to reflect on their existing lifestyle, and translate healthy thoughts into action by dropping, adjusting and adding new patterns and choices to their lives. We want to present all our resort guests with the healthiest possible choices, so that they can experience how good healthy living makes them feel. They have more opportunity to do that if their perception is unclouded.

Champneys Products & Online Shop

Where can I buy Champneys products?

Our products are available to buy at Champneys Day Spas, resort shops, online at and at Boots.

I would like to contact someone about my product order from the online shop. What are your contact details?

Please complete the email enquiry form on the online shop contact us page. The address is:

Does your online shop ship internationally?

Sorry, we only deliver to the United Kingdom.

Are Champneys spa products tested on animals?

None of our products have been tested on animals. We test each product on human volunteers.

Can I use my Champneys gift card/voucher to buy products online?

Unfortunately our gift cards/vouchers cannot be redeemed online at present. To purchase Champneys spa products from our online shop using your gift card/voucher as payment, please complete the contact form on the shop homepage, requesting a call back.

The product I'd like to buy is out of stock. When will you have new stock in?

We will use our best endeavours to provide the products as soon as possible. If you would like to receive an email from Champneys Online when the products are back in stock, please sign up to our email newsletters and choose 'products'. You will also hear about latest shop offers and product launches.

Champneys Gift Vouchers

Can I use my Champneys gift card/voucher to book online?

Unfortunately you cannot redeem your Champneys voucher/gift card online at present. To book a day or stay at a Champneys Health Resort or a treatment at one of our day spas, please call our reservations team on 0843 316 2222. If you like to purchase Champneys spa products from our online shop, please complete the contact form on the shop homepage, requesting a call back.

I've been given a Champneys gift card, how can I redeem this?

Champneys gift cards can be used to buy products and treatments at our day spas and resorts. They can also be used towards a spa day or stay at our resorts, by calling 0843 316 2222. Unfortunately it is not yet possible to redeem vouchers online.

I've been given a Champneys gift voucher for a spa day/stay at one of your resorts. How can I book this?

To book your day or stay, please call 0843 316 2222. Online booking for vouchers is not yet available, but currently under development.

Champneys Resorts

What are the opening hours at your Reservations Call Centre, so I can book my spa break over the telephone?

Reservations is open from 9am - 8.30pm Monday to Friday, 9am - 5pm Saturday, 10am - 5pm Sunday and 10am - 4pm on bank holidays. Reservations number is 0843 316 2222. Please note, during busy periods your call may be on hold for more than 5 minutes. Most of our breaks can be booked online.

Where are Champneys resorts located, and what are the nearest train stations?

Champneys Tring, Hertfordshire. Nearest station: Berkhamsted, just ten minutes away. For a taxi to the resort call Choice Cabs 01442 875100 Champneys Forest Mere, Hampshire. Nearest station: Liphook, just ten minutes away. For a taxi to the resort call Courtesy Cars: 01428 723723 Champneys Henlow, Bedfordshire. Nearest station: is Arlesley only 5 minutes away, but trains to Hitchin are more frequent, just ten minutes away. For a taxi to the resort call Arlesley and District Taxis: 01462 730307 Champneys Springs, Leicestershire. Nearest station: Loughborough 40 minutes away, or Tamworth just 20 minutes away. For a taxi to the resort call A1 Taxis on 01530 838383 or 01530 413535.

What time can I arrive?

Depending on the package you have booked arrival times vary. For early arrivals rooms are not guaranteed to be ready until 2pm, however, you can use the spa facilities and lockers until it is. For arrivals at 2pm an additional charge of £24.99 applies if you wish to come on resort earlier.

When do I have to pay for my reservation?

If you book online full payment is taken at that time. Telephone bookings must be paid in full 30 days before arrival, please call Reservations. There is a cancellation policy. Additional food, drinks and treatments will need to be paid for on departure. For promotions please sign up to receive email offers.

What should I wear?

A stay at Champneys is all about comfort, so wear something you feel happy to lounge around in, most people opt for leisure or gym wear. However, once you're in the resort towelling robes are provided for you to wear during the day, many guests choose to wear a swimsuit underneath their robes. It is a good idea to bring more than one swimsuit so you can change into a dry one after your swim. Towelling robes can be worn to breakfast and lunch, but smart/casual dress is required for your evening meal. If you wish to visit the gym or attend fitness and relaxation classes we suggest bringing two pairs of trainers; one for indoors and one for outdoors. Please note, complimentary slippers are only provided for those staying in superior and premier rooms and suites. Please note: A deposit is held for the towelling robe but is refunded when the robe is returned at the end of your stay.

Will I be shown around the resort?

Yes. On arrival you will be given a time allocation for a tour of the resort.

Is there WiFi?

Yes. There is 20MB WiFi covering all areas of the resort and bedrooms. With regard to mobile phones please respect our no phone policy in public areas.

Are mobile phones allowed?

To maintain the integrity of the relaxed environment, mobile phones are only allowed in your bedrooms and not in any public area.

Are children allowed?

The minimum age for guests is 16 years.

Are pets allowed?

No. But guide dogs and hearing dogs are allowed.

Is there anything going on in the evening?

Evening talks on a variety of wellbeing subjects are held each evening, or you can just enjoy catching up with friends in one of the many lounge areas. Alternatively, you can hire DVDs at most resorts or bring your own.

Is Champneys suitable for solo travellers?

Yes, Champneys spa resorts are the perfect place to escape to for some me time. There are also lots of opportunities to meet other guests, if you wish. In all our restaurants we have a 'Champneys Table' where you can sit and chat with other solo spa guests. Or if you prefer to dine alone with a good book, you can - it's your choice. Our group activity classes are also a great way to meet other guests, particularly the outdoor walks, garden tours and evening wellbeing.

What's the difference between room types?

All rooms are invitingly comfortable with an en-suite bathroom or shower, plus a range of complimentary mini Champneys toiletries. All have a flat screen TV and DVD player, telephone, mini safe, hairdryer and refreshments. There are 5 room categories: Economy: Affordable without compromising on comfort and style, they tend to be smaller with restricted views. Standard: Comfortable with all essential requirements. Superior: Have the most beautiful views of the resort and come with complimentary slippers, plus still and sparkling mineral water. Premier: Spacious and luxurious, these rooms are located in prime areas of the resorts, with still and sparkling mineral water and fresh fruit. Guests in Premier rooms are also offered Premier Service when booking a full tariff residential stay. Suites: Individually styled with the ultimate space and luxury. Premier Service applies.

Are towels provided?


Champneys Treatments

What products are used with inclusive treatments?

Champneys own brand Spa Collection is used and products can be purchased at Champneys Shops

How do I book additional treatments?

All extra treatments MUST be booked in writing. You can do this online at, by completing the guest request form that is sent to you with your booking confirmation, or by email, please look under treatments at your chosen resort for email address. Payment is required at the time of booking to guarantee and confirm your treatment/s.

When should I book my treatments?

We advise that you book your treatments as far in advance as possible as treatments get booked up very quickly! The earlier you the book the better the availability on times and treatments. We recommend that additional treatments be booked at least 14 days before arrival, availability can be limited after this.

What times will my inclusive treatments be?

When you arrive at resort you will be given a schedule that will have all your treatment times, these will be between 9-11am and 4-7pm. We unfortunately cannot provide exact times in advance of your stay. If you wish to change times, please contact the treatments desk who will be happy to do this although during busy hours it may not be possible.

Can I change inclusive treatments if not suitable due to medical condition?

Yes, at the resort's discretion.

Can I upgrade inclusive treatments?

If you wish to upgrade a 25 minute inclusive treatment (included in your package) to a 55 minute (or longer) treatment from our list, we are happy to arrange this for you (subject to availability). There is no limit on the number of 25 minute treatments you can upgrade but the offer is on a one-for-one basis. The price difference will be payable. (Please note: This does not include any of the Thalassotherapy sessions and treatments are not transferable between guests. Only applies to 25 minutes treatments and inclusive treatments are non-refundable.)

What are contra indications?

Contra indications are health reasons why a therapist may not treat a client. On our website treatment pages you will see symbols relating to health issues that if applicable mean you cannot receive this treatment. For example: High/low blood pressure, cancer during active treatment, circulatory problems, claustrophobia, diabetes, epilepsy, heart conditions, metal pins and plates, mobility problems, pregnancy, pregnancy under 3 months, over and under active thyroid, warts/verrucas/fungal infections, cold sores/skin infections/eye infections, thrombosis, varicose veins/stroke, recent operation under 6 months, recent operation under 12 months.

Champneys Vibrotherapy

What is Vibration Therapy?

Vibration therapy is a form of therapy that uses whole-body-vibration to enhance physical health and wellbeing. It has been around for over 20 years and is now widely accepted in the fields of physiotherapy, rehabilitation and sports medicine for the treatment of different illnesses and injuries. Vibration Therapy was first used in the Russian Space programme to assist Astronauts to increase their muscle strength and enhance their bone density while in space. They found that they could then stay up to 420 days in space with little or no gravity whereas their American colleagues had to return to earth after 120 days. Later studies showed that Vibration Therapy helps to fight Osteoporosis and with more intense research it was discovered that Vibration Therapy also works on a number of different areas: • muscle strength • weight loss • lymphatic circulation • bone density • hormone levels Please note: Not all vibration platforms create a safe vertical motion. Some platforms use a combined vertical and horizontal action which can have serious adverse effects on the joints. The Vibrogym in use at Champneys is a medically certified model.

How does Vibration Therapy work?

Vibration training works by passing vibrations through a platform to your body as you stand, sit or lie on it. This vibration causes your muscles to contract at the same speed and therefore it is possible to recruit up to 100% of your muscle fibres compared to 40-60% with conventional exercise. This means deeper lying postural muscles are also activated. The vibrations also have a positive impact on your hormone balance and help to reduce stress. You feel more relaxed, fitter and more alert. Within 15 minutes you can complete effective training of your entire body. This is possible because whole body vibration training stimulates the whole muscular system.

What medical conditions can benefit from Vibration Therapy?

Research has shown benefit using the whole body vibration therapy in the following conditions: • Multiple Sclerosis • Arthritis • Rheumatism • Osteoporosis • Emphysema • Cerebral Palsy • Parkinson's Disease • Sports Injuries • Spinal Misalignment • Gait disorders • Joint problems • Post operation rehabilitation • Pain

What are the benefits of Vibration Therapy?

Whole body vibration therapy accelerates the body’s natural healing process. It increases the production of regenerative and repair hormones, improves blood circulation in skin and muscles, which is critical in regenerating damaged tissues as well as in the circulatory system's ability to deliver vital nutrients and hormones throughout the body, strengthens bone tissue, improves lymph drainage (waste removal) and increases the basal metabolic rate. All this results in more strength, more speed, more stamina, rapid recovery of muscles and tissue, increased flexibility, mobility and coordination, anti-cellulitis, collagen improvement, and fat reduction. Vibration therapy also provides its conditioning benefits in a fraction of the time that traditional exercise routines require. Vibration training has been shown to have the same effect in 15 minutes as you get with 1 ½ hours of conventional exercise without putting as much stress on the joints and ligaments as normal exercise. Ultimately, it can enhance an individual's general wellness and quality of life, regardless of age, physical and neurological condition.

Colon Hydrotherapy

How can Colon Hydrotherapy help?

Colon hydrotherapy or irrigation is a gentle internal bath using warm, purified water that can help to eliminate stored faecal matter, gas, mucus and toxic substances from the colon. A practice dating from around 1500 B.C., colonics can also help retonify and reshape the colon. However, colonics have a much broader effect than simply cleansing the colon. Additional benefits can often be observed throughout the body in the form of clearer skin, more energy and mental clarity, fewer headaches, improvement in circulatory, immune and weight problems and many other positive side effects. Many people are referred to colonic practitioners by other alternative medicine therapists including homeopaths, acupuncturists, herbalists, etc., since by detoxifying the system using colonics, these therapies tend to be more efficacious.

What is involved?

Your visit to a colonic therapist will involve the taking of your medical history, details of your diet and lifestyle followed by an explanation of the procedure. Once this is done you will then put on a gown/pants and lie on a couch. Your modesty is preserved at all times, we use large towels to cover your abdomen area. The colonic itself will take about 45 minutes during which time water will be gently introduced into the colon via the rectum whilst your therapist uses special massage techniques to stimulate the release of stored matter. Your first treatment would normally take 75 mins and subsequent treatments 55 mins.

What equipment do you use?

We use the latest CE-approved Aqua-Clinic Class 1 Medical Device, probably the gentlest colon hydrotherapy device with a great hydrating ability, designed and manufactured in the UK to comply fully with UK water board and health and safety requirements. What is unique about the equipment we use? • The systems are incredibly gentle: there is regulation of both temperature and pressure during the whole treatment. • The equipment does not require electric current for its use; which makes it suitable for EMF-sensitive clients. • We use double filtration for incoming water: carbon and particle filter making sure the water we use on you is as fresh and clean as possible. • Both systems are easy to operate and give the therapist the flexibility to add massage, reflexology or energy work to treatments. • Fully disposable kits are used.

Is it safe?

Yes. The water is introduced at a low pressure, so there is no danger of bowel perforation. All equipment is disposable. The equipment also has a number of filters to ensure the water is filtered, softened and purified. Colon hydrotherapy, unlike the use of laxatives, is not habit forming and actually improves the tone of the colon.

Do you require qualifications to administer colonics?

All our therapists have been trained by Aqua-Clinic Colon Hydrotherapy colleges. They also have qualifications in nutrition, massage and naturopathy and some are registered nurses. They are all members of the International Register of Integrative Colon Therapists and Trainers.

Should I eat before a treatment?

You should eat as normal before your treatment, although we may be doing some abdominal massage so we don't recommend a heavy meal just before your appointment. It's not a great idea to have alcohol for the rest of the day following your treatment as it will be absorbed into the bloodstream a lot quicker following a detox, and although the feeling of euphoria may be great the potential headache afterwards won't be!

What happens after the treatment?

Following the treatment you can take your time to get yourself dressed in private. Your practitioner may advise beneficial dietary changes to further enhance your treatment. You can then carry on with your normal routine straight after the treatment.

Will the colonic fix my bowel and my digestion?

Colonic hydrotherapy is a tool. It is a powerful tool that gives you a head start in improving your diet, lifestyle and exercise regime. However, a tool is only as good as the person using it. If you use colonics to help your body improve, feel younger and work more effectively, then this is what you will achieve. However, if you use colonic as roadside assistance only, then you will achieve a short-term rather than a long-term improvement.

How many treatments do I need?

It all depends on your condition and on the results of the first colonic. If a condition has been building up for years, it is unlikely that it will disappear completely after 40-50 minutes of cleansing, but most people feel improvements after the very first session. If you go on our maintenance programme between treatments, and you adopt dietary and lifestyle modifications, if they are required, then the number of colonics will be reduced, and the periods between colonics will be longer. Generally we recommend 4 a year (every season) for healthy individuals. However as the metabolic processes of the body slow down with age there may be an increased need for more treatments.

Does it hurt?

The procedure does not cause pain. At the start of the procedure, you may experience a “strange” sensation of wanting to go to the toilet, but most people get used to this feeling in the first few minutes, and even find the colonic treatment “unexpectedly relaxing”.

Will I lose weight?

Maybe. Just bear in mind that you lose wastes only, not fat or cellulite. If you start eating less, increase your fibre intake, move more, chew better and drink more water, then you will achieve the weight loss. However, if you are looking to lose weight colonics can be a great way of kick starting a diet. Although many people do lose weight we can't guarantee it and if your bowel is dehydrated you may actually absorb water and put on weight, this will only be water weight though and should disappear as the body rebalances itself. Often your discussions with the therapist, combined with the answers on your questionnaire, can tell us why weight loss isn't happening for you. Your therapist can then point you in the right direction, often a few small changes are all that is needed to help you. We also offer nutritional and food intolerance testing which can be very helpful. An intolerance can cause the body to retain weight and by identifying intolerances and improving your digestion you may find weight loss a more achievable goal.

What will I feel like after the treatment?

Generally, you will be able to continue with your daily plans, drive, go back to work etc. Some people feel energised straight away, some feel tired “in a nice way” - in the same way as one feels tired after a good workout, some feel lighter, some feel very hungry, some don’t feel like eating for hours afterwards….In some instances people may feel quite tired as the detoxification process kicks in deeper, and in these instances we recommend coming for a repeat colonic without delay. We don’t recommend eating heavy food and drinking alcohol, coffee or tea for 48 to 72 hours after the treatment, to get the full benefit of the detoxification process.

What supplements would you recommend for maintenance between colonic treatments?

Probiotic supplements are recommended to give a head start to the good bacteria, that populate our bowel and that ensure absorption by the body of nutrients and vitamins from our food. We normally recommend only one or at most two supplements at a time, for relatively short periods of time, to help your body start working more efficiently.

Why do you recommend supplements after a colonic treatment?

In the ideal world, if you lived on naturally fertile farmland and ate organic home-grown freshly cut vegetables, berries and fruit, fish from the river, natural live yoghurt etc you would not need any supplements (and, as a matter of fact, you would not need a detox programme either!). However, in the real world we need to assist our bodies to self-cleanse, hence the need for supplementation.

Do I have to leave my modesty at the door?

You certainly don't need to. We use fully disposable kits: water line, waste line, speculum, undergarments, robe and incapads. You are covered all the time. The toilet and changing rooms are for your exclusive use to ensure your complete privacy.

Can I have a colonic if I am having a period?

Yes you can. Please make sure you have a spare tampon or towel that you can use immediately after the treatment. During your period we often use slightly warmer water which can be very comforting and cleansing. Often women report a better colonic during their period as the body is already in a cleansing frame of mind. If you would prefer not to have a colonic during your period that's fine - just make sure you let us know in plenty of time if you can to avoid the 24 hour cancellation fee.

Can I have a colonic if I am pregnant?

We would not recommend colonics during pregnancy unless it is recommended and performed by a qualified medical practitioner specialising in pregnancy.

How soon after the childbirth can I have a colonic? Can I have it while I am nursing?

You can have a colonic 10-12 weeks after a regular childbirth, unless you had complications or a caesarean. You need to decide for yourself whether your body has recovered enough from the shock of the childbirth. Make sure your stitches have healed fully, talk to your doctor or nurse if in doubt. You can have a colonic while you are nursing.

Will I be alright to drive after the treatment?

Before their first treatment nearly everyone thinks they will be rushing to the loo for the rest of the day. The reality couldn't be further from the truth! Most of the detox will happen while you are having the treatment. Any water that hasn't come out during the treatment will come out when you go to the toilet immediately after the treatment. All that is happening is gravity causing any water left in the colon to come out when you get up to get changed. Many of our patients travel quite a distance to get to us and they are fine to get back. You will be fine to go back to work or continue your day as normal.

Contact Us

What hours is your 0843 316 2222 reservations line open?

We are open in reservations to take your booking on Monday - Friday from 9am – 6.45pm, Saturday 9am - 3.45pm and Sunday 10am – 3.45pm.

I would like to contact head office, where can I find this information on the website?

Our head office is located at Tring. Please visit the contact us page located under the Spa Resorts / Champneys Tring section of the website.

I would like to contact Champneys Tring/Forest Mere/Henlow/Springs directly. Where can I find this information on the website?

Please visit the Spa Resorts section of the website. You will find a contact us form for each location within each of the resort sections.

I would like to contact your press office, where can I find this information on the website?

Champneys uses an external agency for its PR. Please visit

I emailed a booking enquiry to How soon can I expect a reply?

Our reservations team aim to reply to emails within 24 hours, if not sooner. For treatment booking enquiries within 24 - 48 hours. If you would like to notify us of your personal requirements ahead of your visit please complete the guest request form sent to you in your confirmation email.

Email Newsletters

How can I sign up to receive your latest offers and news by email?

Please visit our website and you can sign up at the footer of any page. Alternatively visit Please note, new subscribers will be automatically added every 24 hours and you can expect to receive your first Champneys email within 7 days.

I've signed up to receive your marketing emails but still haven't received any? How can I resolve this?

If after 7 days of signing up, you still haven't started to receive Champneys emails, please email There are a number of reasons why this might be, for example, you may have unsubscribed in the past which is blocking any new sign up attempts.

I'd like to unsubscribe from Champneys marketing emails. How do I do this?

We're sorry to see you go. To unsubscribe, simply scroll down to the bottom of the email and click on the unsubscribe link. This will automatically unsubscribe you from that particular email list e.g. Resorts. You will also be able to view which other lists you're on and subscribe/unsubscribe from other lists such as day spas, products and college emails.