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Pre-Boot Camp Questions

What time do I need to arrive?

For the 2 night, 4 night and 7 night Boot Camp breaks the arrival time is 11am. With a welcome reception and introduction to the camp at 12pm and the first lunch together at 1pm. If you have any problems arriving for this time please let us know in advance.

What is on the kit list?

Below is a suggested kit list for your Boot Camp stay/day. Please be aware that activities do take place outdoors in all weather. Proper footwear is essential otherwise you will not be able to take part in the activities. Outdoors: gloves, warm hat/ sun hat, waterproofs. General wear: tracksuit bottoms/ tops, shorts, fleece, sweatshirts, t-shirts, swimwear, socks. Footwear - (please ensure footwear is broken in) indoor trainers, outdoor trainers, walking boots. Underwear: sports bras, thermal underwear. Miscellaneous: toiletries, blister plasters, sunscreen, camera.

What clothes will I need?

You will be doing a lot of exercise so we suggest you bring plenty of fitness clothes. We also recommend you bring some waterproof clothing as many of your activities will be outside and unfortunately we cannot control the weather! You will need at least two pairs of trainers one for indoor and one for outdoor use. For a suggested list of clothing please read the 'What's on the kit list?' question.

Boot Camp Fitness Questions

How intense are the Boot Camp packages?

The instructors are there to help encourage, motivate and support everyone to achieve their best. We want to push you to your maximum ability and help you achieve the results you want, we also want you to enjoy yourselves and leave the camp feeling rejuvenated and motivated. The programme is designed so everyone can get the most out of it, and there are plenty of options for all abilities.

What if I feel my fitness is not good enough?

Do not worry. Our Boot Camp packages have been designed to suit all levels of fitness, shapes and sizes.

Are we obligated to join in everything. What if we are too tired and can't do anymore?

Obviously, we hope this won't happen and are confident that with the programme and the team spirit you will all enjoy the week and look forward to the challenge. Having said that, everyone will be treated as an individual and different circumstances will be taken into consideration. It is important to keep communicating with the team and the instructors to avoid this happening.

About The Boot Camps

Will we be eating together and where will this be?

Yes. Everyone will eat together, including the instructors or a nutritionist who will be there to guide you and offer advice on how to maintain good eating habits when you are at home.

Will there be much free time for spa treatments, calling home etc?

There will be little free time available during the day due to the intensity of the programme. However you do have some treatments included in your stay to help soothe those muscles after a day's exercise.